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Nov 212009

Chiranjeevi escaped from being electrocuted during an election rally, when his party workers tried to raise the electric supply wires, under which he was passing. Sparks flew in the air and chiranjeevi, in his heroic action, ducked to save himself.

A contact with these live wire would have surely made a Sparkling Star out of him.

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Nov 212009

So now that the government has given an ultimatum to the mobile service providers in India, to get the infrastructure for number portability ready, I think that the mobile subscribers have finally been delivered to the promised land. And that too at a very affordable rate. Also, this marks the beginning of another price war with airtel leading the game by lowering call rates further. The order by the government sure did ring some cells…oops!!..bells.

An advise : Those wishing to port to a different service provider should start topping up less, since we don’t know if the balance will be carried forward.

Nov 212009

A fisherman lands a good catch. He goes home and asks his wife to cook it. But his wife cannot cook since there is no gas, no electricity, no water. So the fisher man goes back and releases the fish back to sea.

The fish shouts, “Long live the congress government!!”

Source : SMS

Nov 212009

………………India. Considered as the underdog in the contest for the nobel prize for the most filthy country contest, India has managed to emerge a clear winner, with all the dirtiest and the filthiest (both politically and literally) countries voting for it. But with or without their backing, India always has inside connections with its civic administration and its citizens etiquettes to support their nomination.

But things are heading towards change with Indian Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Environment and Forests, Mr. Jairam Ramesh, taking over the control this year. During four years in power as a minister of power for state, he forgot to bring about any major revolution in the non conventional and renewable power source usage. Maybe his statement, about India being clear candidate for the award, is just a way of penance for his last five years.

Lets update this post at the end of his term in current capacity, to see what all changes have been brought about.

Nov 202009

A stray dog started chasing a women, and a man killed it thus saving the women.

The press reported, “A man rescues a women from a stray dog”.

If the man had been American, the title would go “An American saves the life of an Indian women”.

If the man had been a Pakistani, the title would go, “A pakistani kills a dog in India!!”

It all depends on who you are, to know how people look upon you.

This is just another meaningless post before going to sleep. But if you are able to find some meaning, the post will be as priceless as a M.F.Hussain painting.

Nov 192009

Amongst all the world efforts to protect out wild life, and particularly dolphins, a strange ritual is still being followed. And this results in the loss of life of many dolphins each year. This happens in, according to Forbes survey from 2006-2008 the happiest place in the world, and the second most peaceful country in the world as per the global peace index, Denmark!!

This happens because a youth entering in to adulthood has to prove his manhood. How about these youth trying to create a breeding ground for dolphins for a change, just to prove their manhood, and their love towards nature?

Such acts of barbarism have always been carried by mankind throughout the times. But these, during modern times where environmental protection is said to precede personal ambitions!!

A petition  is being run through the internet, against the same act carried out in Japan. Animal lovers should sign the petition to do their bit in the protection of these human friendly creatures.

Nov 182009

Just being the president of the US automatically qualifies a person to be the winner of the nobel prize for peace. Or peace by war, I would say. With no offense meant towards the man, the president of the US, I would like to say that the declaration has been quite premature. Of course its not required to wait till the demise of any person, to award him/her the prize.

It’s a case of glorifications presiding achivements. No strong measures have yet been taken to bring about peace in this world. Millions of innocent lives are taken every year, in the name of war against terrorism. And the terrorist harbouring countries are being offered military aid, in the name of counter-terrorism measures.

I wouldn’t claim that this man won’t try to carry out the tasks at hand.Just that a more gentle person would have refused to accept the award, before proving himself to the world.

Nov 172009

Almost a year since the horrific attack on Mumbai. The city is back on its legs quite some time back. Upholding once again, the spirit of the city. There have been many attacks on Mumbai. And this one’s same but with a difference. India had managed to capture a terrorist alive.

And, he is becoming a liability. The amount that goes in to the security and well being of this lone person!! But is it in the benefit of India that this terrorist has been kept alive, as against carry out a sentence quickly as in many of the hardliner countries.

For one, India is the largest democracy with equal rights to all humans and blah blah blah….Bullshit!! He deserves to die a more cruel death. Just yesterday I read in some newspapers that after killing lots of people during the attack, one terrorist asked a person for water, drank from him, and then shot him dead.

Then why is he being kept under maximum security with all the expenses incurred? Well, he is an international figure now. And his well being will help India prove that our neighbours are the centre point of terrorism. A lots of proof has come up against our neighbours, and though they themselves in trouble internally, it is being proved time and again that they are the root of all the evil in the world. Day after day, more and more revelations come from this lone terrorist, and killing him would mean an end to this information inflow. It’s worth a thousands of intelligence agents.

The whole exercise, by the way, is to prove to the “super powers”, who is the real victim and who is the criminal. This might not warrant any inflow of counter-terrorism funds to our country, but might stop the funds being provided to the wolf in sheep skin to counter(read promote) terrorism.

Nov 162009

A lot is being said about cafe leopold lately, due to its involvement as a victim in the 26th nov 2008 terrorist attack on Mumbai. The attack had killed 10 people including two staff of the cafe. But keeping up with the spirit of Mumbai, it reopened for business very soon, preserving the telltale signs of tragedy that was 26th Nov.  Its a very good example of the phoenix rising out of ashes.

But now for the darker side. Does the cafe belong to Indians. It has been frequented by foreigners since its establishment, the most noted of all being the criminal turned writer, Gregory David Roberts, a.k.a. Shantaram. Its is visited my many a celebraties from India and abroad along with shantaram himself.

But you try to visit it. If you are not know to someone of “someone”, you are sure to wait out for a long time. An incident with a friend of mine. He along with his mates had gone to this cafe for the first time. There were many a tables empty which could be seen from door, but they were kept waiting out side. On being confronted with a question about this, the  staff informed that those tables were for foreigners and if they didn’t have enough patience to wait, they might as well leave.

This incident can be compares to Mahatma Gandhi being pushed from the train, of Cassius Clay not allowed entry in an all white cafe. I do not have any  word for this act, other than racism.

My friends didn’t have large followers to take a march against this, nor did he win any gold medal to throw in the sea as a protest.

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