Chilly Winters

Its 8 O’Clock in the morning, here in an interior village in Virar(mumbai), and I have second thought about stepping out of my house. ‘Cause its cold out there, and my home provides me tempting heat. Of course its not as chilly as it used to be during my school days, and I used to leave for school a 6 o’clock which was really very cold time.

Oops! Sorry to all you city folks. You do not know what chilly winter is( except for your elders who have experienced it in their youth. To experience the chill, open the deep freezer of your refrigerator and set the thermostat to maximum cold. Then after an hour or so, place your hand on any cold object in it. Felt the cold? Well, its like that, but for the whole body.

You know the reason for this, but you don’t want to blame yourself. How many trees do you have in your surrounding? Your cars cannot replace trees as the subsitute of chlorophyll for producing oxygen. Neither can they cool down your surrounding as trees do.

As soon as I reach the station area of virar, I start feeling hot, due to less natural vegetation and more concrete jungle. Which is shabbily planned too. But my green belt of vasai is completely engulfed by trees, and hence our climatic conditions are somewhat balanced. If you had read in news, vasai was undergoing through turmoil few months back, as we were opposing the inclusion of our villages into the virar-vasai municipal corporation. We foresee the effects of  unplanned and unwanted development(read concrete jungle), hence the opposition. Our local politicians had tried to prove it as a communal event, but above are the true reasons.

Few days back two environmental activists from mumbai were threatened by unknown people to withdraw their PIL against development of public places. Stand up alongside this activists, if you fell that you deserve some fresh air and a space to loosen up your legs. The results of the vasai-virar case will be out in few days, and we know we have done out best against this environmental enemies. Its your duty if you need some chilly winters.

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