An Incapable Teacher…..

……..this is not my view. It the view of our worthless bureaucrats, while we continue to tolerate uneducated ministers, who draw huge salaries during their nonuseful tenure, even if they are not qualified enough for any job.

As can be read in the report, Jasveer Kaur Ahluwalia was denied the well deserved pension after retirement from the municipal corporation aided school. How could be judged as unqualified after so many years of service? And wasn’t the school paying her monthly wages officially? Or was it done under table? I don’t think so.

Do you expect, from a person who is nearing his/her retirement, to go back to school and obtain some “necessary” training? Why can’t we have some exceptions or cutoffs for such requirements. Especially if the requirement was not in existence previously when the person was carrying out the duties responsibly and smoothly.

It can be seen how our system has failed us once again, and it keeps on failing. Somewhere, ministers prove it while here our bureaucrats make the point.

Our system is really collapsing if we cannot give an aged women a rightful living.

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