An Educated Decision?

No. Not a good decision by any child to commit suicide due to academic pressure. But is the child mature enough to take any big decisions, leave alone that of suicide? What drives a child to this? It certainly is not the film, “3 Idiots”. Censoring some scene in the film is like half measures taken against a deeply rooted issue.

I rewind back few years when I was in school myself. I never felt the pressure of education as I was completely satisfied with my results. Standing 6th or 7th in a class of 75, with occasional top marks in one or the other subject, was quite good for me. Let others run fight for top ranks. I was completely satisfied. Neither were my parents persistent on the matter or my studies. Now, let me clarify here, my grandparents were farmers and my parents had the luxury of being well educated at the cost of the education of their siblings. So they knew the importance of education, but not by force. So, without any pressure, I managed to study in my own time and on my own responsibility, completed engineering successfully(though not with “flying colours”), and became a Marine Engineer. I am happy, and though I look back and feel that I could have done better, I even know that I couldn’t have been better off, had there been pressure on me from anyone.

Back to present. My niece is studying in class II, and has joined tuition classes since class I. Can you believe that? You better, as its true. My cousins who are in class Xth this year, had started extra coaching out of school since class V. And these are not isolated cases. Around 80-90% of these students feel the pressure of the competition. And few of them crack.

Extra coaching for class Xth is ok as they have to compete against lakhs of other candidates for a seat in the college/trade of their choice(If I start writting about who makes this choice for them, it would fill up lot more space, and consume much time of mine). But whats the need of starting extra coaching at the tender age? I see none of these young students better off than I was at their age in terms of knowledge. I had enough time to study and play. They have only one schedule in their timetable….Study all day.

I would also like to comment about a trend started by some schools in the city, wherein interviews are conduct of both parents and the child who is to be admitted. Parents, to find out if they are capable of affording the education cost in that particular school. Children, to find out if the child is competent enough for the school to maintain a high passing percentage. If a child is able to learn before even attending the school, then whats the role of teachers? Are the schools afraid that their teachers are not competent enough to carve a statue out or a rock?

Lastly, I would daresay that the indian education and syllabus of all the boards and universities is top class, else we wouldn’t be in demand abroad. But something is wrong with our outlook in terms of the future of child. And that forces us to keep a stern hand above a child, while he really needs a firm hand on his shoulder.

Its better if parents let their young ones study, and not force them to.

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