A Case of Mistaken Identity

Just see the video of a cop struggling for life helplessly, on the roads of  TamilNadu, even as ministers watched the event with inaction. Police suspect it to be a case of mistaken identity. It can be seen that the cop was assaulted brutally(with bomb and sickle) and then left for death on the road. But no one seemed to know what to do with a half dead human being. And mobilising help, which should have been a “flick of a finger affair” , turned out to be a roadside show, with the protectors of out constitution turning themselves in to mare spectators. Did it ever even occur to them this cop might have been on duty to protect their worthless lives during his career?

Hah…..a death by mistaken identity!! Why aren’t the identities of our ‘good for nothing’ ministers ever mistaken?

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