Nilesh Gonsalves

Dec 132009

Though I am not a huge cricket fan, I manage to sit through the entire ordeal sometimes. Such was the day yesterday. I watched the match till India won, and rejoiced!!

No now I wake up in the morning, and on the front page of the times of India, it proclaims that the birthday boy was instrumental in the victory. And it amuses me. Whats so special about birthdays, that sportsmen manage to shine on these days? Of course, its a very happy day for that person, but is it the only day that theparticular sportsman can perform. I have always noticed the same thing with tendulker. A game coincides with his birthday, and he scores!!

Brilliant plan follows. As you all know, analysts and coaches for this game have struggled hard to find people who could make a winning combination. Left-right handed combinations, all rounders, hard hitters, fast bowlers(by fast I the word exclusively represents speed, not line, length or some brain behind the delivery), sloggers have all been tried out. You know what…they are blind to the fact. India has a huge population of cricket aspirents, and I am sure that the birthday calander would take up the entire 365 days of the years if noted for all these people. So, induct them all in the team, and combine the people with birthdays on the day of the game. And then we will have the most successful combination, and the no. 1 team for life.

Please note though, this can be successful in one day and the more shorter version of the game. For test cricket( for which I still keep high regards), It would be a faliure, since you cant have a birthday on all the five days, and the shine is limited to only one day for that person. Also no offense meant towards tendulker, sehwag, dravid etc, who have managed to shine few more times.

Dec 122009

So finally its here. The rise of machines. With too much of an advance in technology, and the help of few virus coders, we have managed bring to life, the fight in the virtual world. It seems like a scene straight out of the hollywood film, but its for real these time. According to reports bredo a malware trojan  disables zeus trojan preventing it from reinstalling at computer startup and gets complete control over the computer. Its like the territorial war fought by many of the forest animals, marking their territory.

And, we the computer users, are at the loosing side of these battle between the computer codes, written by human being. The day is not far, when these virus will start to think for themselves and become active in their virtual world, without any external need of intervention.

So guys,better start backing up your data. Doomsday is not far at this rate.

Dec 112009

A very recent incident. A person approached my aunt and informed her that a cheque has arrived in the name of her son which was of the value 25000 rs. He gave a well rehearsed explanation of what the cheque was for, and managed to convince my aunt. But the clause he put was, that rs. 3000 had to be paid in advance for processing the delivery of the cheque. Now, my aunt, who is uneducated, didn’t realise that this could be a con. And since no one was present at the house, she gave out the 3000 rs. without consulting anyone from neighbourhood.

As it can be guessed, she never saw the face of the cheque. The conman had disappeared, and also the 3000 rs.

This incident can happen with any one in India. Lots of cons are being devised and executed. It’s akin to the online lottery scams and the african bank agents who claim to have a huge fortune to be disposed off. These people visit the locality, and find out any kind of details of a poor victim, so that it may be helpful for them in their game. So it’s for us to educate the older people about such fooleries.

Please, my dear friends, it’s my request to make others aware of such incidents. Better still, if such a person approaches you any oor your relatives, it should be reported to the police immediately. And never, ever, give out any money or other documents to such people.

Dec 092009

It’s The Divided States of India. Yes, inline with the united states of america…..except in the opposite direction. We surely are heading for a change. First, we didn’t have any social, economical, political, international or any other issues to deal with, so various states thought of renaming their cities, heritage buildings etc.  Then since there weren’t any issues again, it came to the division of state. We got chattisgarh, uttranchal, jharkhand and now, it’s time for splitting the andhra cake. Lets ensure that both the parties get equal piece of the dish. If not, the judging monkeys can eat up the extra part to balance. And yes, there’s more to come. Vidharbha can be the next big cake.

Maybe, this is just for keeping the cartographers and wikipedia guys busy.

People!! Where are we heading? Can’t we see this as a clear sign of a few political controllers, holding the country for ramson? What are we gaining from these splits, except for a few more chairs for the ministers to carry out their scams(remember madhu koda? That was not long back, was it?)

We can link this events to the hijacking of the flight from India to Pakistan to Afghanisthan. They demanded the release of their compatriot, a terrorist languishing in Indian custody. But here, we have our our own people hijacking us.

“Life has thus come full circle: the state of Andhra Pradesh was carved out of the erstwhile Madras Principality in 1953 following a fast-unto-death of Potti Sreeramulu in 1952, another fast that has endangered the life of KCR is set to result in the state being split up. ”  This statement from the times of india is a real eye opener. I was unaware of the fact, but it surely informs us about the situation that the indian politics is.

Do you know the key for unlocking the solutions for this problems?

ELECTIONS!! Be smart when you vote.

Dec 052009

The discovery of coal, crude oil, natural gas and the research in their refinement processes was the most important factor contributing towards the progress of the industry and civilisation in the previous century. Without these discoveries, this high speed jet age wouldn’t have been possible. So, where are we heading? Is it going to be steep uphill for infinite amount of time? I don’t think so. Cause the non renewable sources of energy are fast depleting due to continuous abuse by mankind. Just analyse this. All these sources of energy are supposed to be existing since billions of years, but within a few centuries, these stocks have been reduced to very alarming levels. And the shift towards the renewable sources of energy is being researched and implemented by few nations.

But only few nations? What about the other countries which still depend largely on crude oil as an energy source? Take the case of India. With a very high demand of power, fueled its population, India is a very big consumer of non renewable energy resources. But there is no indication of any drastic measures being taken to shift to the non conventional energy sources. With a very long cost line, India can be one ahead in wind power and tidal power. Solar energy can be harnessed in a large scale as India has vast number of barren lands. With many rivers flowing through the interiors of the country, it can very well harness the hydro power by building dams.

But the only projects being launched in India are coal, oil or gas based ones. As the price of this commodities keep on going higher due to huge demand, the cost per unit of power is bound to go high. So how can the very large percentage of people who are classified as below poverty line, afford there power needs?

Of course its difficult to make a sudden shift due to cost and efficiency factors. But initiatives have to be taken to prepare ourselves for the known. And we, the consumers, can contribute towards the delay of the foreseen exhaustion, but being a responsible citizens and consume as less power as possible.

Dec 042009

It was really an unfortunate incident, in which a women died in a lathi charge during the recent protest against the water cut in Mumbai. I feel that it was bit harsh to take such action against the people demanding their rights. Mumbai has been reeling under water shortage for quite a few years now and the situation doesn’t seem to brighten up. There are no specific undertakings by the state governing body, for proper utilisation and storage of water. Neither are the bits and pieces initiatives taken up by various non government organisations enough for the ever expanding population of the ‘city of dreams’.

Mumbai has seen quite a lot of development at an alarming rate, without the provision for the basic necessities of mankind. The lakes serving the city have never been increased in capacity. But an increase in capacity would mean reduction in real estate, which fills up the pockets of our elected representatives. And no matter whatever directives come out from our administrators, implementation is always an issue. I could go on lengths on the subject of implementation in India, but it wouldn’t serve the purpose.

Its time for citizens to act responsibly. Housing societies could take up initiative to harvest rain water during our diminishing monsoon, water,  which normally flows in to our ever filthy sewer and back to sea, without serving its purpose. Few societies have already implemented such projects with very good results. And also with reduction of water bills. Also citizens should start being responsible while using water. I come across many incidents of taps being kept open and water running( may by mistake). This sums up to the more water bills, water wastage and consequently,water shortage. Its in our hand to save ourselves from the troubles. Remember, a human being can live on water alone for about 2 months, but cannot survive without water for more than 3 days.

Dec 022009

This incident occurred few years back. It was some days after the mumbai train serial blasts. I was travelling back home from a particular station on harbour line, and since there was enough time for the train to arrive I decided to sit down on a bench. I saw one man and a big bag next to him and when I approached him with a request to move his bag to make space for me, I was shocked by his response. He said that he didn’t know whose bag it was. This person has been sitting near an unidentified, unclaimed object without any fear for his life, and this just a couple of days after the serial blasts. It was not worth arguing with this person so I approached a constable posted at that platform. The constable came along with me to review the situation. And gave me another shock, second within the span of 2 minutes. Without following any proper precautionary measures, he just opened the bag to check the belongings. I immediately moved at a safe distance, since I was young and wanted to live a longer life.

It turned out to be a bag full of books, belonging to a school boy, who came running from the railway canteen after seeing a policeman fiddling with his his bag. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

But what about the responsibilities of the citizen? Aren’t they supposed to inform about unclaimed suspicious objects? What about the procedures? Wasn’t the policeman not supposed to touch it as he was not equipped to handle the situation?

It seems that we have a habit of getting back to square one. Don’t blame the terrorist for another attack/blast. Its their job, a profession that they have taken up. It for us citizens to be cautious.

Dec 022009

A near disaster was averted in the aviation sector some time back when a senior pilot, who was travelling in the capacity of a passenger behind the commander pulled off a circuit breaker, resulting in the disconnection of power to very critical equipments. The plane went plunging down at high speed(more than the prescribed speed), but was controlled and landed safely by the commander of the flight.

A spokesperson of the concerned airlines has informed that an enquiry has been initiated and it’s still going on since one month. A question answer session was not fruitful to find the progress of the inquiry as most of the answers were that the inquiry is still in progress and they cannot comment at this stage.

I just ask for the name of the “Senior Pilot” so that next time I fly jet, if I find the same pilot at command, I can decide about my boarding the plane.

Nov 282009

As if the revolt by his own nephew, Raj, and by the major percentage of the marathi maanoos(who followed Raj, and some who took exception to Bala’saheb’s’ remarks towards Sachin Tendulkar(who by the way is considered God in major part of India)) was not enough for saheb, one more person of the Thackery family structure has put down the papers. The subject being discussed is Smita Thackery and her defection.

Her departure will come down as a blow to the original sena, as, even though she had been sidelined for some years now, this development surely removes some pillars from the already cracked and collapsing structure that the party and the family is.

Her stand against the whole marathi issue is quite laudable, though her statements surely points towards migration for greener grass and maybe some Italian connection. I also feel that her stand comes in too late as she has been in politics for quite some time now.

It seems that Bala Thackery’s comback as the controller of the party was preplanned considering the event that was to unfold today.

Anyway, for good or for bad, and whose, will be decided as time goes by. I just hope that smita, the congress women, does not forget the whole maanoos issues(not the marathi one) in her pursuit of success.

I hope this doesn’t end like a bollywood film, with all the estranged parties coming together in the end, all going well and they living happily ever after.

Entire report here.

Nov 272009

A Banquet for the Prime Minister of India and his wife, hosted by the POTUS, did go quite well as per sources. Except for ‘one small tolerable’ incident. The Party was gatecrashed by a US couple. Michaele and Tareq Salahi. Now as per, the US ways of dealing with such incidents, the name Tareq would surely have rung some bells, or dropped some bombs rather. But not here. They say there was no danger to the president or the PM as the couple did not go anywhere near them.

I remember visiting the US while on ship. We has reached an American and it was around midnight. Emergency bells were rung and announcement was made on PA system for everyone to assemble quickly at muster point. Everyone dragged themself out of bed, and after quickly changing in to working suits, reached the muster point. Only to find that it was very cold outside, we were to stand in line for the inspection by the US immigration. We were not supposed to land on US soil. Just deliver the goods and make headway. But we were passed through this humiliating scrutiny, even though we were far away from the POTUS and never meant to any banquet hosted by him.

So speaking of security, all the above security procedures followed are not worth the expenditures, if the white house party can be gate crashed.

 It would be interesting to wait and see if any action will be taken on this couple

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