The Bravery Award 2010….

And the recommended name for this award is home minister Mr. R.R. Patil!! After a brave ride into naxal infested(the use of this word is not an indication of any disrespect towards naxalites, but an indication of my poor vocabulary), and aquiring some information on the living conditions of the villagers, who would be a more worthy candidate? And the gesture of sipping tea, with the neglected folks is worth mentioning.

Now for the more important part. R.R. Patil said (a month back), he went (yesterday), and now its time he changes something. As he said that what he saw there and what he had been told back in mantralaya and assembly is different, now its in is hands to find out why he was misinformed, and what he can do about it. That the living conditions of the people in the interiors, far away from the reach of development, are well below standards, is not a hidden fact. But the doubting Thomas needed to see Jesus in flesh to believe. And he saw. So now, what can be done about it?

So now that you have taken a huge risk Mr. Minister, the recommendation of the award by us being a bonus for your efforts, its time that you make good use of the information(which was difficult for RAW to get) and bring about some change.

Else it will be considered as just another “chooti baat in baadhi country”(small events in big country), the words that were put in to your mouth by our very own media


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