Wars of the World

Few days back, I happened to be browsing through TV channels, and came across BBC airing ‘Hard Talk’. The guest in studio that day was Fergus Anckorn. The interview was largely about his remarkable survival as a prisoner of war, wherein he described the treatment they had endured and his survival because of his good hand at magic tricks.

But what made me think was a statement he made during the interview. The world wars were brought upon this earth, resulting in blood sheds, and at the end of it all the leaders came together and wrote down the terms of truce. So he asks, what was stopping all this leaders to come together before the war, and call a truce with some terms agreed upon? What was the need of all this killing?

Yes, the conditions were hard to make such settlements, as some leaders would have nothing of it. But are these wars the sole means o proclaim supremacy? And at whose cost? Going back to the histories of all the wars fought, we can analyse that these wars have been influenced by the greed of few individuals, whom we have always been selecting as our leaders. Look at the world wars. Look at the gulf war. Analyse the so called, war against terrorism, being accomplished in Afghanistan and Iraq. Its simply filters down to someone provoking someone else for a battle and being the sole gainer at the end of it all. And innocent lives are taken all over the world, just for greed.

This all needs to be stopped somewhere. Someone needs to sit down and chart a plan of truce between these fighting world. And for our future benefit, the mind of the younger generation, needs to be fresh and free from hatred. To help them think whats good and whats not for the benefit of mankind.

Someone needs to think like Fergus Anckorn. And act on it.

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