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The Goofed Up case of two “Exclusive” launches

We got our first Television in the 80s and were instantly hooked to it. Soaps, epics, news, films, sports and such proved to be thrilling and entertaining. But of all these, advertisements captured our imagination the most. 20 seconds of quick burst of the most vividly colorful, imaginative and sometimes, unknown to us, fake entertainment.

Close Encounter with The Smelly Kind

The smelly kind. Where do you find them you said? Well, you don’t. If you are in Mumbai, and you travel suburban, they find you………. It happens in the evening. The maddening crowd while entering the trains. The struggle to get the foothold while in it. Juggling between hand straps  above to get into a

Renaming Bug Bites Britain

After the onslaught from the politicians in India, renaming everything in sight to gain political mileage, it’s the turn of our past rulers, the Britain to follow(for once, other countries are following us) All the 361 London tube stations have been renamed after the past and present great sportspersons of the olympic games. A rare

Defending the Centurion

My lord, I rise before you in defense of my client, though he has not signed me up. I ask you to grand me special permission to defend my client who has been labeled with lot of names since about a year, but has remained silent bearing the torments. It was the humble opinion of

Knowledge gain at a Service Center

I love formatting. No, I don’t like formatting documents to create a well structured good looking one. I like formatting electronic equipment. I’ve been at it since about 10 years. I like trying out new things on computing devices and my computer gave up on me after enduring about 8 years of rough use, but

OMG!! A Shortage to Remember

We have shortage of everything. Food, money, workforce, time. But as per one article that appeared on, the might U.S. had to face a shortage of a very important equipment in life. Toilet papers!! I don’t understand how they went about their business during that time. Check out the link. Meanwhile few important events

Petrol Woes

Of late I had been feeling that my bike’s mileage was reducing day by day. Few months back I had some problems with my bike’s fuel tank, but that had been rectified then. So I wondered whether the problem had crept again. Initially I used to run my bike for a whole week on petrol

I Wish I was an Animal

It would be a win-win situation. I wouldn’t have to work all day, to earn my daily bread. For a change, politician(read one Ms. M. Gandhi) would be fighting for my cause. And the government would be proposing penalty in its Animal Welfare Bill, 2011, for any cruelty meted on to me. Just so that

Learn Wizardry

All those Harry Potter fans out there, who find the films to be to short to learn witch craft and spells, rejoice. You can be a wizard in no time, with some dedication and efforts. The spells and all their effects are detailed here. Learn them to ward off all the evil in your life.

Dreams Unlimited

How many times did you wake up in the middle of the night, sweating? It’s 2 o’clock in the night and you can’t figure out what happened. And a realisation through a weak memory dawns upon you, that it’s a dream. The details of which you can’t remember because you woke up with a start.