Jan 042010

The film is out. And all the buildup done by the producers and the actors, pre-release, was not just a hype. I saw it. And I was bowled over. Everything seems real. And as my friend said, everyone who has ever stayed in a hostel, tries to fit himself into the characters. Maybe the essence of reality won the hearts of the millions, who have flocked to watch it. I watched it on an odd day. And was amazed to find it running on two screens simultaneously in the multiplex, both screens sold out. Truely this film deserves 4 & 1/2 star if not five (Here I consider myself to be an “expert” reviewer).

But what about the controversy being blown up at this stage. Its more than a week after the release, but the author of five point someone choose a weeks gap before blowing up an issue? It not that mr. Bhagat was unaware of the release of such film, and he had been questioned about the same, but he gave no indications towards current developments. And that was on 29th december, days after the release. But all of a sudden, on 2nd January, he finds his name missing and cries foul.

I just guess that mr. Bhagat has made a new year resolution to stay in the limelight, and couldn’t find a better way. But people know that the movie is somewhat based on that book, and I have not come across anyone who hasn’t refered the book when speaking of the movie.

So all the concerned people…..Let me tell you. Ryan, Alok and Hari, can be seen recreated in the film. The film has earned its points, so has the book.

The fight here shouldn’t be, Five points to whom?

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  3 Responses to “5 Points to Someone”

  1. Hey, you haven’t mentioned the name ‘3 idiots’ anywhere in the post!
    Can I be very honest with you? Do I have read a lot of nice books by a lot of nice authors, I haven’t even bothered to read a Chetan Bhagat book. Why, I’m not really sure. One reason could be that he always comes off as an arrogant prick in interviews (seriously!)
    And after the recent controversy with him & twitter (#chetanblocks) I have come to think that he is something like Mallika Sherawat. The ‘any publicity makes good publicity’ type. I mean, what else can I say? Bollywood seems to have gone to his head. If he was so concerned, he should have written the screenplay himself as he did for Hello (the film adaptation of one night @ a call center)
    So I won’t take anything Chetan says too seriously anymore. About the film, I haven’ seen it, but I heard it got pretty good reviews. Afraid I’ma little too busy & stressed to catch any flick right now!

  2. “Hey, you haven’t mentioned the name ‘3 idiots’ anywhere in the post!”

    Hey, sorry about that. Just got carried away. Yes it is about the 3 idiots.
    Thanks for noting

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