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I do not consider myself to be an expert reviewer. But this is the first time I have seen a movie in 3D, hence this enthusiasm.

Avatar is a well done movie. Forget the storyline. Its always the same every time. Either USA is in trouble, or we earthlings are meddling in to others affairs. Its the second case is here. This earns and average review for storyline. Of course, a lot of imagination has gone in to plotting the entire movie, with a blend good blend of real life and animation. But most of the points are earned by the visual treat that the movie offers through imagination in animation. I saw the 3D version, and I was not much impressed with the 3D effects. Of course, there was a depth to the image, but somehow I was yearning for more. Except for 2-3 sequences, the entire film did not fascinate me in 3D point of view. May be I had been over expecting, this being my first 3D movie(I mean the first 3D I have seen, not the first I made). Or may be I should have seen it at some other theatre.

Anyway, the film is quite entertaining, even with an average story, simply because of the graphics. A good watch for kid. And watching it one time would do no harm to anyone. Overall I would rate it 3 1/2 out of 5.

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  1. Cool! I saw a 3D film for the first time 3-4 years ago (The Polar Express).
    I was one of the lucky few to see a Sneak Preview of Avatar two months ago. I saw it at iMax Dome at Wadala & it just blew me away. At that time I was so sure i would watch it. Even when the film released, Mom & me were debating where to go to see it.
    But then this & that happened, & I didn’t end up seeing it. Oh well. I might regret it later.

  2. The avatar is still on..but not at IMAX, try INOX

  3. Superb visual effects in that movie — I was AMMAAZZED at the way James Cameron has visualized life on another planet … the photoluminescent plants and trees , those floating candy floss like things – on Pandora these things too glow in the dark . ( buddhi ka baal it is called in Hindi — i think they are called dandelions in English ) !!

    The flying dragons ,, the way the natives establish a bond with their riding horses and flying dragons by connecting to the nerve endings at the tips of the dragons’ antennae !

    the tree of Life !

    the photoluminescent moss on the forest floor !!

    Pandora’s floating mountains !!
    giant mushroom like plants !!

    then those other plants which recoil and shrink when you touch them

    the way the Na’vi people live , their whole philosophy

    everything is on a spectacular scale

    Hats of to Cameron’s imagination !!

  4. Yes, the imagination was far too good!!

  5. Hope not to see you with complete new job profile as FILM CRITIC with one of the magazine or newspaper. Just kidding. Good right, keep it up.

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