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No Opposition

After all the hard”ly” done work for the betterment of Indian society, and the very hard work in election campaign by all the parties, the day has shone when one political party will have a celebration party going on past midnight. A healthy scenario for a country like India “following democratic form of governance” would

The day I Vote Someone

That’s today. I am allowed to stay home to exercise my right to vote. I wake up early to avoid the late morning rush at the polling booth. I reach with my wife and kid(it’s a stroll for my kid. He’s spared of deciding whom to vote for another 17 years). For me it’s a

Corruption Shrugged

Who is John Galt? Seems like a very relevant question for current times. More so with all the work one Mr. Kejriwal and his band of common people have been doing for Indian politics currently. It seems that the John Galt of India is hell bent on  shrugging off corruption and malpractices in the governance.

End of an Era

“Ubha Maharashtra Petvun Taakin”(a metaphor to signify the ability to create an uprising at moments notice) were his words when Bal Thackeray, the Shiv Sena Supremo, was addressing a rally years back. And it was true. If he decided so, he could do it and no one would dare touch his hair, as the saying

The Absent Voter

It’s the day after the municipal elections in Maharashtra, India. The results are out and are of less significance for this write-up. It’s the same story over again. The scamsters, murderers, looters, cheaters and the dynasty rulers did win again, as there were very few clean candidates running the elections. What’s more significant is the

Tehelka–The Cats are out of the Bag

After a lot of pressure on the government to reveal the names of the people who have stashed billions of rupees of black money in Swiss banks, Tehelka, the once famous Indian media house has claimed to have an access to the names of the people involved in this crime. In all they have 16

“Separate” Story

I stay with my family. 5 people living in one house. As years pass on, me and my wife feels that the house is bit crammed for space. We find it difficult to stay together, not in terms of personal relations, but in terms of space. Finally I decide to separate out. My family welcomes

The Best Form of Governance

India is a democratic republic. Democracy, the type of government followed in India, is defined as the government of the people, for the people and by the people. But with the way things are being run in India since independence, it has got all the wise and educated people of India thinking. Is democracy the

Premji’s Take

Azim’ Premji is the chairman of Wipro. Read his take on the expenditures incurred by the Indian government for the CWG. This is one of the best article I have ever read in the TOI for a long time.

How to Save the Games

There is an article in The Times of India, 13th august edition about, how to save the messed up common wealth games. I didn’t read the article, because that’s hopeless. It was a known fact that our corrupt officials will surely do a messy business. But didn’t ever think that they would go so far