Dec 312011

Wishing you all a very happy new year. Lucky that we all survived this year since nature and nations were determined to kill us. Congratulations on that.

What’s your new year resolution? Tell me in the comments. Mine is, let’s see…. What do I manage to do efficiently every year? Yes!! My new year resolution is to lose money consistently in stock market. I can never go wrong with this one. I have been doing it religiously since 2007.

Again, welcome to the year 2012. Hoping it bring some sanity to the world. And anyone getting any information about the “Dam project” as shown in the movie 2012, kindly let me know. I need to survive. I fund the stock markets.

Jan 012010

2010…its here!! With a promise of beginning our lives, afresh. For many, its just another first day of the year. But for some, its and excuse to rejoice, occasion for party and day for new resolutions.

People have celebrated all night, and with a spinning head and dizzy mind, have resolved many things. But do think before resolving anything. Remember your previous years resolution. How much have you succeed in that? If that was just a boozed up resolve, without any act, then better not go through this process again.

And finally, I wish you and your family a very happy and a prosperous new year. Though I think that wishing the stock market alone would bring prosperity to many families.

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