Nilesh Gonsalves

Nov 052009

17000…finally!! And there is no sarcasm in my tone, rather a very deep respect for the man.

Though there is not much significance to this figure except the hype created by media, each and every bit of it has been thrilling.

Alone, he has held many a war posts in his career. Alone, he has steered his country near to victory. Yet people say that he has never helped gain victory. All his valor out on ground has been lost to a pathetic display by his mates.

Though I have stopped watching cricket long back, Sachin Tendulkar manages to amaze me with his game. The only reason I might stay glued to a cricket match is Tendulkar being on the Pitch.

It will take a lot of time for him to pass his age and for India to replace him.

Keep Going Sachin!!

Nov 032009

Though you are  the ‘greatest’ supporter of marathi culture and the protecter of marathi manus and his rights, Raj, it seems that you have excluded your own ‘domain’ from your marathi banner drive.

I can still see spelt in roman script as against your order of having devnagri script.

Guess somethings cant be changed at all.

Oct 222009

The split in sena has assured that a very good opposition is lost. MNS has been the driving force in this downfall, and figures from election commission are proof to it. The are many constituencies where sena has lost(including their fortress), but its not true that MNS has gained in those places.

Had they had the wisdom to stay together, sena would have been the driving force.

Also mr. Raj has to realise that when he speaks of the outsiders in aamchi mumbai, it may hold true for aamchi mumbai. But if he has to expand to state level, the need to address the issues of other cities/districts is very high, and the question of outsiders is a no issue there. Maybe thats the reason why MNS didnt field in around 50% of the constituencies.That could be his success mantra for 2014.

Oct 222009

Amazing isn’t it? Never had a catholic living in the coastal belt of vasai, supported any form of (pro) hindutva sena. Until august 2009, mr. vivek pandit MLA was much hated by christians due to his party ideologies.

But the equation changed, when the much “beloved” ex-MLA of vasai mr. thakur raised hand, physically in form of a slap to an activist, and politically by vetting for municipal corporation for that region against the will of locals.

Christians found themselves without a seasoned politician who would be recognised by all communities in the region. Mr. pandit found this to be a great opportunity to fulfill personal ambition by standing as an independent and gathering support of the people who despised him.

I donot oppose mr. pandit. The only thought that has crossed my mind time and again, is that, will it be possible for him to bring to the task, the resistance that is being offered by his supporters? Or will he be lost in his own abmitions?

One thing he has to remember, mr. thakur had won the previous election only due to the support of this community(for the lack of a suitable candidate). This time things have changed for him as he forgot that unity always triumphs. So if mr. pandit wishes this kind of support nex time around, he has to prove himself. He has been “selected” against the most non corrupt politician of the region( who, sadly couldn’t make it to higher level, since politics doesn’t support honesty anymore in India).

Oct 192009

Jenson Button and the Brawn team has ensured that formula one is the final winner in the game!!

With all the excitements and the dramas filled in this season, it had never been so fun watching it. Though one race is still to go at abu dhabi, its just completion of formalities. Teams with low budget have proved that they can be competitive from the front. Case in the point is Brawn, Redbull Racing, Force India and many other troubled teams who have managed to score points. The era of big threes, Ferrari, Mclaren and Renault is over.

Surely we have a very exciting and more competitive season coming up next year with three more teams entering and few more tracks.

Eagerly waiting for the next season. For me, I am putting my money on Brawn GP again and also expecting Force India to do better still!!

Sep 252009

Never has an assembly election created as huge a turmoil as is being created now. Candidates jumping parties/loyalties, threatening to jump across, rejection of seasoned politicians in favour of dynastic line up is being seen all around.
But the question to ponder upon amidst all this is that whether there really is any candidate who deserves to be followed on one word? For me the answer seems to be no.

For now I have no choice but to follow the party that I have worshipped for years. Whether they have a good candidate or not is besides point. I guess, this is not just me, but a dilemma for a very huge percentage of citizens of India.

And now I would like to investigate in to the proposal put forward by the election commission to the government, to add an option “none of the above” on the voting machine. As we all know the ruling party and the opposition replied in unison, “no”.
The reason behind this rejection is well known to the common man of India, no matter what excuse this politicians feed!! It’s plain, they donot have many deserving candidates to place all around India/State. And introducing this option would lead to their candidate being disqualified, the candidate on which that particular party had poured money.

But had this option being brought on EVM’s, I am sure, no party would have dared perform circus at the height of elections, fearing public outrage.

Before leaving here, an important point to ponder upon. What can we say about a party whose election manifesto comprises of legalising slums? I am not against slum dwellers, but this doesnt fit in a method to combat poverty. This is just pleasing vote bank…

Sep 132009

Force India has garnered its maiden points in its second season in the last grand prix by placing their driver on podium and did it again in monza after sutil finished in top 5 proving that there is enough competition left in formula 1. Me?? Am not supporting Force India due to my nationality. The events/results of this years GP have a great bearing towards where formula 1 is heading.

Take the case of Force India gathering points from podium. Its truly endorses the stand of FIA that formula can be ran on a tight budget, and yet be competitive enough. Cars run above 300 km/hr in a race. Does that mean that there cant be an exciting competition at 250 km/hr?

In their quest to achive maximum speed formula one teams lost directions. Just up till recently, we had cars running with traction control and launch control systems…!! Come on guys, we know that this technologies exist and are being used in commercial cars for improved safety. But in a F1 car to assist a driver, just so that he can run the car at a higher speed without worrying about skidding?? Imagine a driver who just floors the acclerator at the green light without having to think about a spinning wheel!! Now wheres the driving ability in that? I still remember those races where in older drivers like barrichello chose to switch off launch control just to get the complete control over how he starts the race, instead of a computer carrying the job for him. Had the development in that direction not been stopped by FIA , drivers would have just become puppets inside the car, with computers handling even the gear upshift!!!

Lets talk about ethics. Great teams like mclaren had got itself entangled in the spygate. The pressure to generate revenues for their investors have forced many into unethical ways. Stealing data from a winning team is not very competitive. Neither is favouratism. Many a times have seen ferrari favouring micheal schumacher and skillfully forcing barrichello to back out. It was heartbreaking to see when it happened to barrichello in front of his home crowd.

Safety!! Formula 1 is considered as safest with high level of research and development in that direction..Well , rubbish that. Formula should be considered one of the most dangerous and life threatening sport. Atleast going by the standards followed now-a-days. Sheer pressure to perform has forced seasoned drivers in to mistakes, resulting in injuries and loss of life. Let me be frank, I started enjoying formula 1 when i didnt even know what it was, but the number of dramatic accidents taking place on track kept me glued. And my interest in formula 1 increased to a point that i became fairly versed with its in’s and out’s. Though the number of accidents decreased, no foolproof safety measures can be implemented. In the promos for the singapore GP, videos from last years GP are aired. A driver running across the track cannot be termed as safe. Also you cant say that its safe for drivers to just tear apart a fuel hose and take half its length dragging all along the pit lane. It could have resulted in major fire.

Analyse crash gate. A driver accused a team manager of giving him order to crash at a certain point on track so as to give advantage to his team mate. Forget the validity of this accusation or the ethical outlook if they are true. Hey formula one people!! This is very dangerous game plan not only for that particular driver but also for other drivers, track marshalls, spectators and formula one as a whole.

All in all formula one needs a radical change where in its not controlled by handful of majors but by all the participating interests. Take the case of Brawn GP. They got their funding just in the week of their first race and they have shown that they are winning material. Same with Redbull Racing. Same with Force India. These teams were ‘who are they?’ of formula 1. But they changed the tide of the game. Current recession has crippled many teams and a tight budget can be beneficial for their survival and that of formula 1. Whats the point in having a race without the full starting grid? Its the battle of all the orders, the top, the middle and the bottom..

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