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Lost…The Countdown!!

Just saw the 11th episode of Lost season 6. And am euphoric. The very defining moment was when Desmond shakes hand with Penny, and the next moment he is back at the Hydra island. The transition was very simple and without much climex build up. But seemed very effective. I personally felt that hope had returned

Karthik Called Me

So I saw it today. Karthik calling Karthik. And wasn’t much impressed. Yes, its a different kind of movie, bit of suspense, bit of romance, and a very good explanation of all the buildup at the end of the movie. But I feel that the movie dragged a bit more than required. The pre-interval part did not kind of 

Salute to the Master

And he has done it again!! Scaling one more peak in his remarkable career, which no other batsmen had ever scaled in history, Sachin Tendulkar, the Master Blaster, broke records after records to set a new record of over 200 hundred runs in a one day international game. Those who have not seen the inning, have

Supporting Statements

With all respect to shahrukh khan and the team of My name is khan, I would like to declare that I am not against anything said by Mr. Khan in recent past. Neither is my intension to agree or disagree with certain “regional” political parties in this post. But I was browsing through the internet

This Soap Runs Long!!

I just had my bath, but that didn’t inspire me in posting this. Its was the TV. Television has come to this world long back, and its had become somewhat an integral part of our life. I remember those days when we used to keep free time in the evening for the tv shows. In

5 Points to Someone

The film is out. And all the buildup done by the producers and the actors, pre-release, was not just a hype. I saw it. And I was bowled over. Everything seems real. And as my friend said, everyone who has ever stayed in a hostel, tries to fit himself into the characters. Maybe the essence of reality

Avatar..The Review

I do not consider myself to be an expert reviewer. But this is the first time I have seen a movie in 3D, hence this enthusiasm. Avatar is a well done movie. Forget the storyline. Its always the same every time. Either USA is in trouble, or we earthlings are meddling in to others affairs.

The Joker

I am not a big fan of superhero movies. Never liked superman, the superhero without the sense about where to wear his underwear. Not much of a spiderman, as it was too sci-fi to be true. Never batman either, as I felt the movies were directed in much more a comic vein. So it took

Is this it?

The greatest showman of our times was undoubtedly, Micheal Jackson. ‘The King of Pop’ as he was and will be refered to. And indeed, a king he was in his domain. His video albums revolutionised the way music was being heard. Great  video channels took birth by the support of his art. But how was

Remembering the King Of Pop

During my school days, i pursued the hobby of stamp collection. I had   very good collection of stamps from more than 70 countries and were neatly arranged in a notebook with any sort of info available. But during my college years I didnt carry forward this hobby much, so I exchanged this book for a