Mar 012010

So I saw it today. Karthik calling Karthik. And wasn’t much impressed.

Yes, its a different kind of movie, bit of suspense, bit of romance, and a very good explanation of all the buildup at the end of the movie. But I feel that the movie dragged a bit more than required. The pre-interval part did not kind of  sink in until we had seen the full movie. I remember another movie of M. Night Shyamalan, the sixth sense, which had a very good built up and finally a single explanation of the entire mystery. This movie has nothing to do with the sixth sense in any terms. But I though of comparing that movie with this one because that one had a very good buildup of the story and in the end a very well handled script. These movie has the same qualities, but now as I type this, I don’t get the feeling of going back anytime to watch it again. The sixth sense, I have watched number of times.

Farhan Akhtar was at his best, just as he had impressed in Luck By Chance. Deepika Padukone, I just hate. Rest of the cast was of little consequence for the film, hence they could be anybody. The film felt moving too fast at any big turn of event, and too slow when not required.

And it seems to be a new trend in bollywood to make films around mental and physical conditions.

All in all, a one time see. But don’t be restrained due to my review, as it justifies a one watch.

Feb 242010

And he has done it again!! Scaling one more peak in his remarkable career, which no other batsmen had ever scaled in history, Sachin Tendulkar, the Master Blaster, broke records after records to set a new record of over 200 hundred runs in a one day international game. Those who have not seen the inning, have missed quite a lot of cricket. Achiving this feat, is quite a big task in this format of game, as the time is limited. Many a batsmen have come close to it, but in the end they ran out of time, or their energies. But Tendulkar, who was on the pitch from the start of the innings till the end, looked fresh as ever. And that too at the age of above 35. He has managed to keep himself as one of the fittest player in the Indian contingent. He has never been in news for missing a practice session for absurd reason, or never found to be placing personal achivements ahead of the needs of the team. May be thats the reason why it took him so long to achive this target.

But he has reached there. And he will stay there for quite some time. Many a times, comparisons are made with the Australian player Ricky Ponting, where he is labelled as another successor to Tendulkar. But I don’t think the next Sachin is in the game yet. People trying to compare other batsmen to be of Tendulkar’s calibre, is itself an indication of his greatness. Previously it used to be a comparison of players with Sir Donald Bradman. But now its with Tendulkar, which speaks of the heights Tendulkar has reached.

At this rate, and by his form, it seems, he will be in th game for quite a long time from now. And we want it too.

Go ahead Tendulkar!! We love it when you are in full flow.

Feb 132010

With all respect to shahrukh khan and the team of My name is khan, I would like to declare that I am not against anything said by Mr. Khan in recent past. Neither is my intension to agree or disagree with certain “regional” political parties in this post.

But I was browsing through the internet for sone info and feed about the controversy, when I came across certain forum, where many of the members requested the general public to “support” Shahrukh and my name is khan. And I started thinking whether these people have likened shahrukh to a malnourished  child in the interiors of India, and the film, my name is khan, is a fund raiser event for the benefit of the same.

Support?? Whats there to support in it? Or rather, why the use of the word support here? Should “support” not be used for something really worth supporting. If shahrukh is not supported, it doesn’t mean that he is going to loose out on money or fame. His life will continue, so will the life of these political “leaders”. Eventually they kiss and make up. Its only the general public who looses all the energies behind such dramas.

So if you want to really support, try supporting some cause.

Jan 312010

I just had my bath, but that didn’t inspire me in posting this. Its was the TV.

Television has come to this world long back, and its had become somewhat an integral part of our life. I remember those days when we used to keep free time in the evening for the tv shows. In India, doordarshan, our national carrier, beamed vast genre of programs and serials. And one of them was the Soap Opera.

The very first soap opera beamed on national tv in India was “Buniyaad”. Many of you might remember it. Though I didn’t understand what was going on in it, neither was I interested, but I watched it regularly, cause we had just one tv(it’s the same case now, but I wouldn’t care less) and my parents were interested. Or may be because our national tv beamed only two channels, and the other one’s clarity was once in a blue moon affair.But what can I say about it? I just “Grew with it”. So long it was, that I celebrated few of my birthdays seeing it.

Then came cable tv, and later satellite. And along it brought flood of soaps. It was a bit difficult for us to understand the language( or the pace of it rather)  of the programs in foreign channels(english), so we stuck to hindi and marathi(I knew these marathi maanoos issue would surface sooner or later, so I had to be thorough). Anyway, me and my brother had some control of the remote now and then, to watch sports, discovery, news etc. Else it had become a sole property of my mother. And for what? These soaps(am still talking about the tv ones, not the bathing ones).

Prime time was like information time for my mother, when she could get enough info to discuss at the office, with her friends, the next day. Lots of serials, with a trade mark double k’s in the title, were aired on prime television, and they were like a religious affair. “I must see these serial today”, was the favourite sentence of my mother. And after few month of viewing, the name of the serial on my mothers lips used to change. I just didn’t understand why my mom would change loyalties so suddenly. And then I investigated, and realised, that some of the serials were off air, as the TRP’s were going down.

I see that this is a very common practice followed nowadays. Soaps are being aired for a long time. Families break up, families makeup(an of course, lots of makeup goes on the ladies). People die. People are reborn, resurrected, reunited. Sane men commit crimes. Murderers have a change of soul. And lots of bullshit. And you know how they end? Poof!! Just go of air. Without any explanation to the viewers.

But the viewers are least bothered. After enduring the drama of few families, interrelated by a spiders web, and affecting each others life in some way or the other, the viewer gets bored and wants a fresh outlook to life. Which the new soap provide. And the producers are happy. Cause the directors, script writers have given up on the story which they have messed up after such a long run.

You know what, soaps, in India at least I would say, are a waste of time for the viewers. You sit an hour in front of the tv, watching an actor trying to get an expression on his face which should be there but of which he is incapable, is a total waste of your time. These programs go on and on as the writer is able to write the script. It can include lots of festivals in it right on time. And these inclusions are the fillers, as the writer has lost it all.

Whenever you watch a film, how would you feel if the film builds up a story, but just midway, the director comes on the screen apologising that this was all he could manage, and that the end of it?

Then why don’t you feel the same about soap?

Jan 042010

The film is out. And all the buildup done by the producers and the actors, pre-release, was not just a hype. I saw it. And I was bowled over. Everything seems real. And as my friend said, everyone who has ever stayed in a hostel, tries to fit himself into the characters. Maybe the essence of reality won the hearts of the millions, who have flocked to watch it. I watched it on an odd day. And was amazed to find it running on two screens simultaneously in the multiplex, both screens sold out. Truely this film deserves 4 & 1/2 star if not five (Here I consider myself to be an “expert” reviewer).

But what about the controversy being blown up at this stage. Its more than a week after the release, but the author of five point someone choose a weeks gap before blowing up an issue? It not that mr. Bhagat was unaware of the release of such film, and he had been questioned about the same, but he gave no indications towards current developments. And that was on 29th december, days after the release. But all of a sudden, on 2nd January, he finds his name missing and cries foul.

I just guess that mr. Bhagat has made a new year resolution to stay in the limelight, and couldn’t find a better way. But people know that the movie is somewhat based on that book, and I have not come across anyone who hasn’t refered the book when speaking of the movie.

So all the concerned people…..Let me tell you. Ryan, Alok and Hari, can be seen recreated in the film. The film has earned its points, so has the book.

The fight here shouldn’t be, Five points to whom?

Dec 312009

I do not consider myself to be an expert reviewer. But this is the first time I have seen a movie in 3D, hence this enthusiasm.

Avatar is a well done movie. Forget the storyline. Its always the same every time. Either USA is in trouble, or we earthlings are meddling in to others affairs. Its the second case is here. This earns and average review for storyline. Of course, a lot of imagination has gone in to plotting the entire movie, with a blend good blend of real life and animation. But most of the points are earned by the visual treat that the movie offers through imagination in animation. I saw the 3D version, and I was not much impressed with the 3D effects. Of course, there was a depth to the image, but somehow I was yearning for more. Except for 2-3 sequences, the entire film did not fascinate me in 3D point of view. May be I had been over expecting, this being my first 3D movie(I mean the first 3D I have seen, not the first I made). Or may be I should have seen it at some other theatre.

Anyway, the film is quite entertaining, even with an average story, simply because of the graphics. A good watch for kid. And watching it one time would do no harm to anyone. Overall I would rate it 3 1/2 out of 5.

Nov 252009

I am not a big fan of superhero movies. Never liked superman, the superhero without the sense about where to wear his underwear. Not much of a spiderman, as it was too sci-fi to be true. Never batman either, as I felt the movies were directed in much more a comic vein. So it took me three months after my brothers suggestion, to watch ‘The Dark Knight‘. And it did enchant me.

The character which had a lasting impression om my mind was that of the joker. Previous batman film I had seen had cast Jim Carrey as the ridler. The overall effect created by that villian was more towards a humourous leaning and not a terrifying experience. Jim carrey is a good actor(watch ‘The Truman Show‘), but he acted(or was directed to act), himself, and not a bad boy character. But Heath Ledger was a class apart. And no one can say that my admiration towards his ability was influenced by his death, as I came to know about his death a few months after I saw the movie.

He just stole the show!! Aaron Eckhart played his part well, so did Christian Bale. But they were like spectators, watching the hurricane that was the joker. He redefined the act of villainy. It may be accredited to the direction of the character, the screen play and the plot. But one look at the face, reveals the hard work required for the emotions that the joker was supposed to be capable of. The flow of the plot was controlled by the joker. The joker, and not the batman, managed to create an illusion, that Gotham exists as a real city.

By far the best batman movie ever made!! Credits due to Heath Ledger. May his soul rest in peace.

Nov 232009

The greatest showman of our times was undoubtedly, Micheal Jackson. ‘The King of Pop’ as he was and will be refered to. And indeed, a king he was in his domain. His video albums revolutionised the way music was being heard. Great  video channels took birth by the support of his art.

But how was he to fall!! Such a timid death for such a great man!! All through his life he had been at the receiving end of controversies. But his unusual circumstantial death can written off as the most controversial. One of the theories supporting the claims of his murder is, where is the person who called up 911 informing michael’s death.?

Also it is well-known that he was at the last stage of his practise for his comeback show. A normal rehearsal would have been filmed on normal cameras but his final dress rehearsal was filmed with high definition cameras. Was something boiling behind his back?

Whatever be the reasons for his deaths, we’ll never know, as the legend of Pop lies in his final resting place.

May his soul rest in peace.

Nov 062009

During my school days, i pursued the hobby of stamp collection. I had   very good collection of stamps from more than 70 countries and were neatly arranged in a notebook with any sort of info available. But during my college years I didnt carry forward this hobby much, so I exchanged this book for a Micheal Jackson’s audio cassette.

I had played that cassette again and again till it got damaged. For now I use a more popular format of music, ie. Mp3. Not a day goes by, without hearing a single song from the kings albums.

Leaving aside all the proved and unproven allegations and controversies, I still feel that he was the best pop singer of all times. I can say that the exchange made with my friend in my college days was a very profitable one. Though I lost my stamps collection, my introduction to the world of pop was much more exciting.

He still continues to be  a Thriller!!

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