Is this it?

The greatest showman of our times was undoubtedly, Micheal Jackson. ‘The King of Pop’ as he was and will be refered to. And indeed, a king he was in his domain. His video albums revolutionised the way music was being heard. Great  video channels took birth by the support of his art.

But how was he to fall!! Such a timid death for such a great man!! All through his life he had been at the receiving end of controversies. But his unusual circumstantial death can written off as the most controversial. One of the theories supporting the claims of his murder is, where is the person who called up 911 informing michael’s death.?

Also it is well-known that he was at the last stage of his practise for his comeback show. A normal rehearsal would have been filmed on normal cameras but his final dress rehearsal was filmed with high definition cameras. Was something boiling behind his back?

Whatever be the reasons for his deaths, we’ll never know, as the legend of Pop lies in his final resting place.

May his soul rest in peace.


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