Karthik Called Me

So I saw it today. Karthik calling Karthik. And wasn’t much impressed.

Yes, its a different kind of movie, bit of suspense, bit of romance, and a very good explanation of all the buildup at the end of the movie. But I feel that the movie dragged a bit more than required. The pre-interval part did not kind of  sink in until we had seen the full movie. I remember another movie of M. Night Shyamalan, the sixth sense, which had a very good built up and finally a single explanation of the entire mystery. This movie has nothing to do with the sixth sense in any terms. But I though of comparing that movie with this one because that one had a very good buildup of the story and in the end a very well handled script. These movie has the same qualities, but now as I type this, I don’t get the feeling of going back anytime to watch it again. The sixth sense, I have watched number of times.

Farhan Akhtar was at his best, just as he had impressed in Luck By Chance. Deepika Padukone, I just hate. Rest of the cast was of little consequence for the film, hence they could be anybody. The film felt moving too fast at any big turn of event, and too slow when not required.

And it seems to be a new trend in bollywood to make films around mental and physical conditions.

All in all, a one time see. But don’t be restrained due to my review, as it justifies a one watch.

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