Lost…The Countdown!!

Just saw the 11th episode of Lost season 6. And am euphoric. The very defining moment was when Desmond shakes hand with Penny, and the next moment he is back at the Hydra island. The transition was very simple and without much climex build up. But seemed very effective. I personally felt that hope had returned to the show, when I saw Desmonds eyes glitter with nirvana.

It not long ago that I started watching this series from the beginning, but I made for it by watching 3 or sometimes 4 episodes a day. And the more episodes I saw, the more I carved for. There were many defining moments in this show. One of the most important episode was where the the inhabitants of the island, under the leadership of Benjamin Linus, see the plane crash on their island. The event was revealed without much of a climex buildup, but had a sudden increase in excitement since it revealed, who actually the “others” were.

As the series goes on progressing, it seems to be going of the hands of the script writer, but a sudden turn of events completely manages to convience us that everything is going on smooth. Today’s episode was one of them. A viewer gets confused as to who is to be believed and who is evil because each character performs his part well.But the series is in good hands, so am eager to find out how it ends.

After today, I feel that the wait for the next episode is very long

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