Supporting Statements

With all respect to shahrukh khan and the team of My name is khan, I would like to declare that I am not against anything said by Mr. Khan in recent past. Neither is my intension to agree or disagree with certain “regional” political parties in this post.

But I was browsing through the internet for sone info and feed about the controversy, when I came across certain forum, where many of the members requested the general public to “support” Shahrukh and my name is khan. And I started thinking whether these people have likened shahrukh to a malnourished  child in the interiors of India, and the film, my name is khan, is a fund raiser event for the benefit of the same.

Support?? Whats there to support in it? Or rather, why the use of the word support here? Should “support” not be used for something really worth supporting. If shahrukh is not supported, it doesn’t mean that he is going to loose out on money or fame. His life will continue, so will the life of these political “leaders”. Eventually they kiss and make up. Its only the general public who looses all the energies behind such dramas.

So if you want to really support, try supporting some cause.


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