Jun 062010

Rafael Nadal has finally won the fifth title at the french open, which makes him the second person to do so after Bjorn Borg(6 wins) after the event was opened up to international competitors.

Also this bring Nadal to top spot in ATP ranking.

Applause to the clay master.

Jun 062010

How crazy can a college cultural night go? Here’s a dance video as an example


Anyone out there amongst these crazy troupe? Please explain what’s this all about.

And then there is this aunty who has all the energy and youth…


And here’s our very own Micheal Jackson…More of a backscratcher. Enjoy!!


May 282010

Since there was some time for the train to arrive at our suburban station, three of us were squandering our time on political and social debate. The arguments drifted from one point to another, including, our local politics or the state of the government affairs(We the people of India, have a say in everything. Doesn’t matter if we are not heard to, because the value of words is determined by the depth of our pockets and not by the truth in our ideologies). At one point the discussion my two friends was about the slow pace of judiciary system where one was of the stand that the cases took too long to clear, while other felt that high profile cases were cleared faster.

What was I thinking at that point, I don’t remember, but I came up with a story that Kasab (see?  to be on wikipedia, you need to either score runs like Tendulkar, or be a one time terrorist, one who has bumped off Dawood Ibrahim from the top of India’s most wanted and hated list) who is languishing in Indian jail, was not being brought to justice fast enough. Above that, his stubborn demands were being fulfilled by India. Just few days back, as he was complaining of high summer heat, the 1.5 tonne air conditioner of his cell was replaced with 2 tonne model. My friends knew that no such incident had happened, but the story was catchy. Later was we were discussing with our fellow travellers on the train, again politics and shit, my friend brought up this Kasab “incident”(made up one.the 26/11 one was for real). And atleast 8 people heard what he said.

Now I calculate. Aleast 40% of these 8 will narrate this to other 8 and so on. I would say aleast 20-30% of them will be fool enough to believe it. And then the made up news, will become a rumour, and a rumour turn to news. If things go out of hand, we will surely see few T.V. channels airing “exclusive”(read staged) videos and pictures of a delivery van outside the arthur road jail, and people unloading the 2 tonne air conditioner from the van.

Thats how rumours turn in to news in “India”n TV. A true example is setup by Amit Verma on his India uncut. Read the first section, and you will agree.

May 152010

Even as the formula 1 circus moves to the most glamorous circuit of the season, the most glamorous and successful driver of all  times, Micheal Schumacher finds it difficult to dodge allegations of using unfair means to acquire pole position in the season 2006 at this circuit. Schumacher is alleged to have parked his car on a very crucial turn, which resulted in ruined laptimes of the drivers behind him during qualifying. Micheal, of all the people, should know that the press is unforgiving, and he must word his feelings carefully.

Controversy or not, the race will be go tomorrow as scheduled, and the likes of Vijay Mallya and Bernie Ecclestone will be ready for the party. And of course, there are those diamonds studded in to the steering of the mclaren drivers to add shine to the event.

Speaking of diamonds, one person whom I will miss, particularly in this race, is Kimi “Iceman” Raikonnin who has moved on to the dustier roads of the world rally championship.

But then even Micheal finds it difficult at times now.

May 132010

I am thrilled to announce the directorial debut of my friend, Savin Tuscano. His film Vroom, The Adventures Of Smarty, The Magical Car, is set to release tomorrow, 14th May 2010. Am looking forward to viewing it soon. And I wish him the best wishes for success in his venture……

…..Good going Savin.

May 132010

How mad can an engineer be? It remains an unanswered question. But how crazy can an engineer be in his childhood? Analyse yourself after reading these incidents of my life.

(FYI : All the incidents in these stories are real, and any coincidence of the incidents with any other individual, is purely incidental. I reserve the rights to narrate my own stories.)

1. The very first fascination of my life, related to engineering, was electric motor. In my case, it the fan in our room, that went round and round, on a flick of a switch. I was too much interested in it.  And it had a regulator, which had to be rotated to increase or reduce the speed. I was really interested in knowing what went inside to make the fan rotate. And my interest inspired me to build up a crude theory that there was a smaller motor inside the regulator, which turned upon the rotation of the regulator knob, and it somehow made the fan to rotate.

Why I thought this, I still cant figure out. I was too small to understand the meaning of most of the words I have typed above. I never knew the word theory, or that fan, as it was called, which was actually a motor, or why a regulator was called so. But I had a desire to get the imaginary “small motor”, out of the regulator.

Once there was no one at home, and I decided to fulfill my desire. The regulator was housed in a casing which had charred of from the top, due to the heat generated in it. I inserted my tiny fingers in through the top.

It was my lucky day, as I was standing on a wooden bed and only few fingers of my hand were touching the wall. I was thrown away by the electric shock on to the mattress and escaped shaken, but without injuries. My desire for the motor vanished, and during engineering, I found it to be my weakest subject.

2. Then after a few years my maternal uncle bought a scooter. And I was very much interested in its working. By that time I had read some of the volumes of ‘Young Scientist’ in our school library. And somewhere in those volumes, was the theory of thermocouples which became a point of interest for me. Now, I knew that scooter burned petrol for its power, but I was unaware of a machine called as internal combustion engine, residing inside the scooter.

On analysing deeper, the problem at hand(how scooter works?), and the limited data I had acquired(working of thermocouples), my somewhat adult mind put two and two together. I later found out that by putting two and two together, the answer that I had got was zero. Because I had made up a theory that the petrol burnt up to give out enough heat for one electrode of the thermocouple and the other electrode was placed somewhere far at the front of the scooter to allow proper cold temperature at that point. Armed with this theory, I completed my junior years in the college, and even educated my younger brother about it.

My theory was ultimately negated by the subject IC engines in the fourth semester of engineering.

3. The third incident also involved IC engine and my brother. My brother, luckily had an appetite for all the information and explainations I conjured about anything, with even doubting once….Not so now, after so many years of foolery.

I was in the second year of engineering, the first engineer to be in my family, and after completion of the third semester, our family went to Goa for a picnic. Once while crossing a river, we used the roll-on roll-off ferry boat service, and me, the ‘to be engineer’ of the family, choose to seat near the engine room, which offered a good view of the loud, smoky, oily engine.(I had no idea, that I would go ahead and become a marine engineer. But thats how fate works.) So as I was sitting there, admiring the oily, ugly thing, my brother approached me and asked what that black noisy thing was? And I informed that it was an engine. I had read somewhere about the different types of engines like 2-stroke and 4-stroke. And upon seeing the engine structure, I immediately “recognised” it to be a 3-stroke engine.

Any mechanical or automobile engineer will laugh at me at this point. There is no such thing as a 3-stroke engine. There are just 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, depending upon the number of power strokes for every rotation of the engine. What I had seen were the three cylinders of the boat engine, and assumed that they were 3-stroke. I even informed my brother that 3-stroke were more powerful as compared to 2-stroke, but less powerful than 4-stroke. My brother swallowed all the information and basked in the glory that his elder brother was so well informed.

My this theory was again negated by IC engines in the semester that followed immediately. As I reached home from the college home that day, the first thing I did was to tell my brother the truth. I didn’t want him to be laughed at.

He stopped believing in my theories from then on….

So, can’t you gauge how crazy an engineer can be in his childhood?

Apr 082010

Just saw the 11th episode of Lost season 6. And am euphoric. The very defining moment was when Desmond shakes hand with Penny, and the next moment he is back at the Hydra island. The transition was very simple and without much climex build up. But seemed very effective. I personally felt that hope had returned to the show, when I saw Desmonds eyes glitter with nirvana.

It not long ago that I started watching this series from the beginning, but I made for it by watching 3 or sometimes 4 episodes a day. And the more episodes I saw, the more I carved for. There were many defining moments in this show. One of the most important episode was where the the inhabitants of the island, under the leadership of Benjamin Linus, see the plane crash on their island. The event was revealed without much of a climex buildup, but had a sudden increase in excitement since it revealed, who actually the “others” were.

As the series goes on progressing, it seems to be going of the hands of the script writer, but a sudden turn of events completely manages to convience us that everything is going on smooth. Today’s episode was one of them. A viewer gets confused as to who is to be believed and who is evil because each character performs his part well.But the series is in good hands, so am eager to find out how it ends.

After today, I feel that the wait for the next episode is very long

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