Salute to the Master

And he has done it again!! Scaling one more peak in his remarkable career, which no other batsmen had ever scaled in history, Sachin Tendulkar, the Master Blaster, broke records after records to set a new record of over 200 hundred runs in a one day international game. Those who have not seen the inning, have missed quite a lot of cricket. Achiving this feat, is quite a big task in this format of game, as the time is limited. Many a batsmen have come close to it, but in the end they ran out of time, or their energies. But Tendulkar, who was on the pitch from the start of the innings till the end, looked fresh as ever. And that too at the age of above 35. He has managed to keep himself as one of the fittest player in the Indian contingent. He has never been in news for missing a practice session for absurd reason, or never found to be placing personal achivements ahead of the needs of the team. May be thats the reason why it took him so long to achive this target.

But he has reached there. And he will stay there for quite some time. Many a times, comparisons are made with the Australian player Ricky Ponting, where he is labelled as another successor to Tendulkar. But I don’t think the next Sachin is in the game yet. People trying to compare other batsmen to be of Tendulkar’s calibre, is itself an indication of his greatness. Previously it used to be a comparison of players with Sir Donald Bradman. But now its with Tendulkar, which speaks of the heights Tendulkar has reached.

At this rate, and by his form, it seems, he will be in th game for quite a long time from now. And we want it too.

Go ahead Tendulkar!! We love it when you are in full flow.

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