The Joker

I am not a big fan of superhero movies. Never liked superman, the superhero without the sense about where to wear his underwear. Not much of a spiderman, as it was too sci-fi to be true. Never batman either, as I felt the movies were directed in much more a comic vein. So it took me three months after my brothers suggestion, to watch ‘The Dark Knight‘. And it did enchant me.

The character which had a lasting impression om my mind was that of the joker. Previous batman film I had seen had cast Jim Carrey as the ridler. The overall effect created by that villian was more towards a humourous leaning and not a terrifying experience. Jim carrey is a good actor(watch ‘The Truman Show‘), but he acted(or was directed to act), himself, and not a bad boy character. But Heath Ledger was a class apart. And no one can say that my admiration towards his ability was influenced by his death, as I came to know about his death a few months after I saw the movie.

He just stole the show!! Aaron Eckhart played his part well, so did Christian Bale. But they were like spectators, watching the hurricane that was the joker. He redefined the act of villainy. It may be accredited to the direction of the character, the screen play and the plot. But one look at the face, reveals the hard work required for the emotions that the joker was supposed to be capable of. The flow of the plot was controlled by the joker. The joker, and not the batman, managed to create an illusion, that Gotham exists as a real city.

By far the best batman movie ever made!! Credits due to Heath Ledger. May his soul rest in peace.

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