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It’s The Divided States of India. Yes, inline with the united states of america…..except in the opposite direction. We surely are heading for a change. First, we didn’t have any social, economical, political, international or any other issues to deal with, so various states thought of renaming their cities, heritage buildings etc.  Then since there

Divided We Fall II…The Family Drama!!

As if the revolt by his own nephew, Raj, and by the major percentage of the marathi maanoos(who followed Raj, and some who took exception to Bala’saheb’s’ remarks towards Sachin Tendulkar(who by the way is considered God in major part of India)) was not enough for saheb, one more person of the Thackery family structure has put down the papers.

Reaped their Sow!!

Here’s a man who refuses to entangle himself in the word web created by media. No matter what the inside politics is, reporters should be careful when they question someone’s integrity. Here’s how justice Liberhan lashed out on media.

And The Award Goes To………..

………………India. Considered as the underdog in the contest for the nobel prize for the most filthy country contest, India has managed to emerge a clear winner, with all the dirtiest and the filthiest (both politically and literally) countries voting for it. But with or without their backing, India always has inside connections with its civic

A Premature Delivery

Just being the president of the US automatically qualifies a person to be the winner of the nobel prize for peace. Or peace by war, I would say. With no offense meant towards the man, the president of the US, I would like to say that the declaration has been quite premature. Of course its

A Lone Terrorist

Almost a year since the horrific attack on Mumbai. The city is back on its legs quite some time back. Upholding once again, the spirit of the city. There have been many attacks on Mumbai. And this one’s same but with a difference. India had managed to capture a terrorist alive. And, he is becoming a liability.

A Non Issue

Just due to perssuasion of my brother, I pour in this post. Its about the issue picked up by our represented jokers, at the assembly, the temple of our constitution.  I have finished pondering upon the incident. One fool tried to poke other fool in the most ticklish place, and the reaction was spontaneous, as