Dec 092009

It’s The Divided States of India. Yes, inline with the united states of america…..except in the opposite direction. We surely are heading for a change. First, we didn’t have any social, economical, political, international or any other issues to deal with, so various states thought of renaming their cities, heritage buildings etc.  Then since there weren’t any issues again, it came to the division of state. We got chattisgarh, uttranchal, jharkhand and now, it’s time for splitting the andhra cake. Lets ensure that both the parties get equal piece of the dish. If not, the judging monkeys can eat up the extra part to balance. And yes, there’s more to come. Vidharbha can be the next big cake.

Maybe, this is just for keeping the cartographers and wikipedia guys busy.

People!! Where are we heading? Can’t we see this as a clear sign of a few political controllers, holding the country for ramson? What are we gaining from these splits, except for a few more chairs for the ministers to carry out their scams(remember madhu koda? That was not long back, was it?)

We can link this events to the hijacking of the flight from India to Pakistan to Afghanisthan. They demanded the release of their compatriot, a terrorist languishing in Indian custody. But here, we have our our own people hijacking us.

“Life has thus come full circle: the state of Andhra Pradesh was carved out of the erstwhile Madras Principality in 1953 following a fast-unto-death of Potti Sreeramulu in 1952, another fast that has endangered the life of KCR is set to result in the state being split up. ”  This statement from the times of india is a real eye opener. I was unaware of the fact, but it surely informs us about the situation that the indian politics is.

Do you know the key for unlocking the solutions for this problems?

ELECTIONS!! Be smart when you vote.

Nov 282009

As if the revolt by his own nephew, Raj, and by the major percentage of the marathi maanoos(who followed Raj, and some who took exception to Bala’saheb’s’ remarks towards Sachin Tendulkar(who by the way is considered God in major part of India)) was not enough for saheb, one more person of the Thackery family structure has put down the papers. The subject being discussed is Smita Thackery and her defection.

Her departure will come down as a blow to the original sena, as, even though she had been sidelined for some years now, this development surely removes some pillars from the already cracked and collapsing structure that the party and the family is.

Her stand against the whole marathi issue is quite laudable, though her statements surely points towards migration for greener grass and maybe some Italian connection. I also feel that her stand comes in too late as she has been in politics for quite some time now.

It seems that Bala Thackery’s comback as the controller of the party was preplanned considering the event that was to unfold today.

Anyway, for good or for bad, and whose, will be decided as time goes by. I just hope that smita, the congress women, does not forget the whole maanoos issues(not the marathi one) in her pursuit of success.

I hope this doesn’t end like a bollywood film, with all the estranged parties coming together in the end, all going well and they living happily ever after.

Entire report here.

Nov 212009

………………India. Considered as the underdog in the contest for the nobel prize for the most filthy country contest, India has managed to emerge a clear winner, with all the dirtiest and the filthiest (both politically and literally) countries voting for it. But with or without their backing, India always has inside connections with its civic administration and its citizens etiquettes to support their nomination.

But things are heading towards change with Indian Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Environment and Forests, Mr. Jairam Ramesh, taking over the control this year. During four years in power as a minister of power for state, he forgot to bring about any major revolution in the non conventional and renewable power source usage. Maybe his statement, about India being clear candidate for the award, is just a way of penance for his last five years.

Lets update this post at the end of his term in current capacity, to see what all changes have been brought about.

Nov 182009

Just being the president of the US automatically qualifies a person to be the winner of the nobel prize for peace. Or peace by war, I would say. With no offense meant towards the man, the president of the US, I would like to say that the declaration has been quite premature. Of course its not required to wait till the demise of any person, to award him/her the prize.

It’s a case of glorifications presiding achivements. No strong measures have yet been taken to bring about peace in this world. Millions of innocent lives are taken every year, in the name of war against terrorism. And the terrorist harbouring countries are being offered military aid, in the name of counter-terrorism measures.

I wouldn’t claim that this man won’t try to carry out the tasks at hand.Just that a more gentle person would have refused to accept the award, before proving himself to the world.

Nov 172009

Almost a year since the horrific attack on Mumbai. The city is back on its legs quite some time back. Upholding once again, the spirit of the city. There have been many attacks on Mumbai. And this one’s same but with a difference. India had managed to capture a terrorist alive.

And, he is becoming a liability. The amount that goes in to the security and well being of this lone person!! But is it in the benefit of India that this terrorist has been kept alive, as against carry out a sentence quickly as in many of the hardliner countries.

For one, India is the largest democracy with equal rights to all humans and blah blah blah….Bullshit!! He deserves to die a more cruel death. Just yesterday I read in some newspapers that after killing lots of people during the attack, one terrorist asked a person for water, drank from him, and then shot him dead.

Then why is he being kept under maximum security with all the expenses incurred? Well, he is an international figure now. And his well being will help India prove that our neighbours are the centre point of terrorism. A lots of proof has come up against our neighbours, and though they themselves in trouble internally, it is being proved time and again that they are the root of all the evil in the world. Day after day, more and more revelations come from this lone terrorist, and killing him would mean an end to this information inflow. It’s worth a thousands of intelligence agents.

The whole exercise, by the way, is to prove to the “super powers”, who is the real victim and who is the criminal. This might not warrant any inflow of counter-terrorism funds to our country, but might stop the funds being provided to the wolf in sheep skin to counter(read promote) terrorism.

Nov 102009

Just due to perssuasion of my brother, I pour in this post. Its about the issue picked up by our represented jokers, at the assembly, the temple of our constitution.  I have finished pondering upon the incident. One fool tried to poke other fool in the most ticklish place, and the reaction was spontaneous, as claimed in the media.

What was the issue anyway? Someone wanting to speak in a language as per his wish!! Well who was going to stop him? But a political drama was staged in the name of constitutional rights. My dear bunch of jokers, please remember that along with the rights, you also get to look after your responsibilities.

This kind of political stunts have propelled these people much ahead in political race. Or they think so. It would be rather impolite for me to write down what I think of these people.

Want to know about the true issues? Providing the individuals of the state and the country with the basic rights, including, but not limited to, food clothing and shelter.

And I stop here, with a belief that writing further, will only be to their advantage as they are sure to gain unearned publicity, which is harmful for the country.

Oct 222009

The split in sena has assured that a very good opposition is lost. MNS has been the driving force in this downfall, and figures from election commission are proof to it. The are many constituencies where sena has lost(including their fortress), but its not true that MNS has gained in those places.

Had they had the wisdom to stay together, sena would have been the driving force.

Also mr. Raj has to realise that when he speaks of the outsiders in aamchi mumbai, it may hold true for aamchi mumbai. But if he has to expand to state level, the need to address the issues of other cities/districts is very high, and the question of outsiders is a no issue there. Maybe thats the reason why MNS didnt field in around 50% of the constituencies.That could be his success mantra for 2014.

Oct 222009

Amazing isn’t it? Never had a catholic living in the coastal belt of vasai, supported any form of (pro) hindutva sena. Until august 2009, mr. vivek pandit MLA was much hated by christians due to his party ideologies.

But the equation changed, when the much “beloved” ex-MLA of vasai mr. thakur raised hand, physically in form of a slap to an activist, and politically by vetting for municipal corporation for that region against the will of locals.

Christians found themselves without a seasoned politician who would be recognised by all communities in the region. Mr. pandit found this to be a great opportunity to fulfill personal ambition by standing as an independent and gathering support of the people who despised him.

I donot oppose mr. pandit. The only thought that has crossed my mind time and again, is that, will it be possible for him to bring to the task, the resistance that is being offered by his supporters? Or will he be lost in his own abmitions?

One thing he has to remember, mr. thakur had won the previous election only due to the support of this community(for the lack of a suitable candidate). This time things have changed for him as he forgot that unity always triumphs. So if mr. pandit wishes this kind of support nex time around, he has to prove himself. He has been “selected” against the most non corrupt politician of the region( who, sadly couldn’t make it to higher level, since politics doesn’t support honesty anymore in India).

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