Divided We Fall II…The Family Drama!!

As if the revolt by his own nephew, Raj, and by the major percentage of the marathi maanoos(who followed Raj, and some who took exception to Bala’saheb’s’ remarks towards Sachin Tendulkar(who by the way is considered God in major part of India)) was not enough for saheb, one more person of the Thackery family structure has put down the papers. The subject being discussed is Smita Thackery and her defection.

Her departure will come down as a blow to the original sena, as, even though she had been sidelined for some years now, this development surely removes some pillars from the already cracked and collapsing structure that the party and the family is.

Her stand against the whole marathi issue is quite laudable, though her statements surely points towards migration for greener grass and maybe some Italian connection. I also feel that her stand comes in too late as she has been in politics for quite some time now.

It seems that Bala Thackery’s comback as the controller of the party was preplanned considering the event that was to unfold today.

Anyway, for good or for bad, and whose, will be decided as time goes by. I just hope that smita, the congress women, does not forget the whole maanoos issues(not the marathi one) in her pursuit of success.

I hope this doesn’t end like a bollywood film, with all the estranged parties coming together in the end, all going well and they living happily ever after.

Entire report here.

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