Dec 202009

The high court is of the stand that the state has to compensate for illegal detention for petty theft. The amount being thought upon by the court is 5000 rs per day.

Now an ugly thought creeps up my mind. Take ‘our’ kasab. He now claims to have been held in custody, 10 days before the terrorist attack, and the police has framed him up for no reasons. He even claims to have never seen an AK-47 in his life. Now suppose, just suppose, that he manages to hold up his statements in the court. And despite all the proofs, and especially the photograph (of kasab with a gun)clicked by the leading news paper’s daring photographer, suppose his lawyer succeeds to prove that he was a petty thief, in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just suppose.

Kasab will be eligible for a compensation of (more than 365 days X 5000) more than 18 lakhs rupees. And the counter keeps on increasing as long as he is in custody. So mr. kasab, you are fighting for a lot of money along with your life(though, I, and all the Indians believe that you have no consideration for life, going by the act that you committed on 26th nov 2008).

Dec 022009

This incident occurred few years back. It was some days after the mumbai train serial blasts. I was travelling back home from a particular station on harbour line, and since there was enough time for the train to arrive I decided to sit down on a bench. I saw one man and a big bag next to him and when I approached him with a request to move his bag to make space for me, I was shocked by his response. He said that he didn’t know whose bag it was. This person has been sitting near an unidentified, unclaimed object without any fear for his life, and this just a couple of days after the serial blasts. It was not worth arguing with this person so I approached a constable posted at that platform. The constable came along with me to review the situation. And gave me another shock, second within the span of 2 minutes. Without following any proper precautionary measures, he just opened the bag to check the belongings. I immediately moved at a safe distance, since I was young and wanted to live a longer life.

It turned out to be a bag full of books, belonging to a school boy, who came running from the railway canteen after seeing a policeman fiddling with his his bag. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

But what about the responsibilities of the citizen? Aren’t they supposed to inform about unclaimed suspicious objects? What about the procedures? Wasn’t the policeman not supposed to touch it as he was not equipped to handle the situation?

It seems that we have a habit of getting back to square one. Don’t blame the terrorist for another attack/blast. Its their job, a profession that they have taken up. It for us citizens to be cautious.

Nov 252009

I agree with a friend of mine, that the tragedy that was 26/11, is being lived again. Through the acts of citizens of Mumbai. The souls of the dead are haunting their families with unfulfilled dreams and wishes. But no matter how hard they try, they cannot forget their loss.

But, it seems like an opportunity for the media and page 3 to carry out all sorts of activities to reincarnate the incident.Silent marches, prayer sessions seem to be fitting way to give a last respect, at the anniversary. But beaming it on media in story, graphical, dramatically or any other form just constitutes a way of increasing TRP. I hope none of this over zealous fools try to recreate the incident in a form which hurts the families of the dead.

Anyway, no one needs to recreate the incident. With all the security arrangements in place to counter any more attacks(read with sarcasm), I won’t be astonished if such incidents happen again.

Nov 172009

Almost a year since the horrific attack on Mumbai. The city is back on its legs quite some time back. Upholding once again, the spirit of the city. There have been many attacks on Mumbai. And this one’s same but with a difference. India had managed to capture a terrorist alive.

And, he is becoming a liability. The amount that goes in to the security and well being of this lone person!! But is it in the benefit of India that this terrorist has been kept alive, as against carry out a sentence quickly as in many of the hardliner countries.

For one, India is the largest democracy with equal rights to all humans and blah blah blah….Bullshit!! He deserves to die a more cruel death. Just yesterday I read in some newspapers that after killing lots of people during the attack, one terrorist asked a person for water, drank from him, and then shot him dead.

Then why is he being kept under maximum security with all the expenses incurred? Well, he is an international figure now. And his well being will help India prove that our neighbours are the centre point of terrorism. A lots of proof has come up against our neighbours, and though they themselves in trouble internally, it is being proved time and again that they are the root of all the evil in the world. Day after day, more and more revelations come from this lone terrorist, and killing him would mean an end to this information inflow. It’s worth a thousands of intelligence agents.

The whole exercise, by the way, is to prove to the “super powers”, who is the real victim and who is the criminal. This might not warrant any inflow of counter-terrorism funds to our country, but might stop the funds being provided to the wolf in sheep skin to counter(read promote) terrorism.

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