It’s The Divided States of India. Yes, inline with the united states of america…..except in the opposite direction. We surely are heading for a change. First, we didn’t have any social, economical, political, international or any other issues to deal with, so various states thought of renaming their cities, heritage buildings etc.  Then since there weren’t any issues again, it came to the division of state. We got chattisgarh, uttranchal, jharkhand and now, it’s time for splitting the andhra cake. Lets ensure that both the parties get equal piece of the dish. If not, the judging monkeys can eat up the extra part to balance. And yes, there’s more to come. Vidharbha can be the next big cake.

Maybe, this is just for keeping the cartographers and wikipedia guys busy.

People!! Where are we heading? Can’t we see this as a clear sign of a few political controllers, holding the country for ramson? What are we gaining from these splits, except for a few more chairs for the ministers to carry out their scams(remember madhu koda? That was not long back, was it?)

We can link this events to the hijacking of the flight from India to Pakistan to Afghanisthan. They demanded the release of their compatriot, a terrorist languishing in Indian custody. But here, we have our our own people hijacking us.

“Life has thus come full circle: the state of Andhra Pradesh was carved out of the erstwhile Madras Principality in 1953 following a fast-unto-death of Potti Sreeramulu in 1952, another fast that has endangered the life of KCR is set to result in the state being split up. ”  This statement from the times of india is a real eye opener. I was unaware of the fact, but it surely informs us about the situation that the indian politics is.

Do you know the key for unlocking the solutions for this problems?

ELECTIONS!! Be smart when you vote.

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