A Non Issue

Just due to perssuasion of my brother, I pour in this post. Its about the issue picked up by our represented jokers, at the assembly, the temple of our constitution.  I have finished pondering upon the incident. One fool tried to poke other fool in the most ticklish place, and the reaction was spontaneous, as claimed in the media.

What was the issue anyway? Someone wanting to speak in a language as per his wish!! Well who was going to stop him? But a political drama was staged in the name of constitutional rights. My dear bunch of jokers, please remember that along with the rights, you also get to look after your responsibilities.

This kind of political stunts have propelled these people much ahead in political race. Or they think so. It would be rather impolite for me to write down what I think of these people.

Want to know about the true issues? Providing the individuals of the state and the country with the basic rights, including, but not limited to, food clothing and shelter.

And I stop here, with a belief that writing further, will only be to their advantage as they are sure to gain unearned publicity, which is harmful for the country.

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