A Premature Delivery

Just being the president of the US automatically qualifies a person to be the winner of the nobel prize for peace. Or peace by war, I would say. With no offense meant towards the man, the president of the US, I would like to say that the declaration has been quite premature. Of course its not required to wait till the demise of any person, to award him/her the prize.

It’s a case of glorifications presiding achivements. No strong measures have yet been taken to bring about peace in this world. Millions of innocent lives are taken every year, in the name of war against terrorism. And the terrorist harbouring countries are being offered military aid, in the name of counter-terrorism measures.

I wouldn’t claim that this man won’t try to carry out the tasks at hand.Just that a more gentle person would have refused to accept the award, before proving himself to the world.

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