Shiva sena….Maharashtra Navnirman sena…..and now Christ Sena!!

Amazing isn’t it? Never had a catholic living in the coastal belt of vasai, supported any form of (pro) hindutva sena. Until august 2009, mr. vivek pandit MLA was much hated by christians due to his party ideologies.

But the equation changed, when the much “beloved” ex-MLA of vasai mr. thakur raised hand, physically in form of a slap to an activist, and politically by vetting for municipal corporation for that region against the will of locals.

Christians found themselves without a seasoned politician who would be recognised by all communities in the region. Mr. pandit found this to be a great opportunity to fulfill personal ambition by standing as an independent and gathering support of the people who despised him.

I donot oppose mr. pandit. The only thought that has crossed my mind time and again, is that, will it be possible for him to bring to the task, the resistance that is being offered by his supporters? Or will he be lost in his own abmitions?

One thing he has to remember, mr. thakur had won the previous election only due to the support of this community(for the lack of a suitable candidate). This time things have changed for him as he forgot that unity always triumphs. So if mr. pandit wishes this kind of support nex time around, he has to prove himself. He has been “selected” against the most non corrupt politician of the region( who, sadly couldn’t make it to higher level, since politics doesn’t support honesty anymore in India).

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