May 282010

Since there was some time for the train to arrive at our suburban station, three of us were squandering our time on political and social debate. The arguments drifted from one point to another, including, our local politics or the state of the government affairs(We the people of India, have a say in everything. Doesn’t matter if we are not heard to, because the value of words is determined by the depth of our pockets and not by the truth in our ideologies). At one point the discussion my two friends was about the slow pace of judiciary system where one was of the stand that the cases took too long to clear, while other felt that high profile cases were cleared faster.

What was I thinking at that point, I don’t remember, but I came up with a story that Kasab (see?  to be on wikipedia, you need to either score runs like Tendulkar, or be a one time terrorist, one who has bumped off Dawood Ibrahim from the top of India’s most wanted and hated list) who is languishing in Indian jail, was not being brought to justice fast enough. Above that, his stubborn demands were being fulfilled by India. Just few days back, as he was complaining of high summer heat, the 1.5 tonne air conditioner of his cell was replaced with 2 tonne model. My friends knew that no such incident had happened, but the story was catchy. Later was we were discussing with our fellow travellers on the train, again politics and shit, my friend brought up this Kasab “incident”(made up one.the 26/11 one was for real). And atleast 8 people heard what he said.

Now I calculate. Aleast 40% of these 8 will narrate this to other 8 and so on. I would say aleast 20-30% of them will be fool enough to believe it. And then the made up news, will become a rumour, and a rumour turn to news. If things go out of hand, we will surely see few T.V. channels airing “exclusive”(read staged) videos and pictures of a delivery van outside the arthur road jail, and people unloading the 2 tonne air conditioner from the van.

Thats how rumours turn in to news in “India”n TV. A true example is setup by Amit Verma on his India uncut. Read the first section, and you will agree.

May 222010

It was one of the worst days for Indian aviation. The news of the Mangalore plane crash left us all shocked at the office. I wouldn’t like to give hyperlink to the details of this news, cause you might have heard/seen it on media.

But as I reached home in the evening, I was shocked much more to see the media, building up the accident for their benefit. I saw a video conferencing being arranged on a particular channel, where in the host seemed to have got in to a heated argument with an official on the matter of safety at the airports. The anchors were even even daring enough to guess the reasons for this accidents, where as I feel, no one has any technical knowledge. I even saw a tv anchor flying a miniature sized plane on a picture of a runway, depicting the incident.

My humble request to these channels is to stop all this nonsense as there are people have near and dear ones who might be watchin it on tv. How sick will your presentation look to them? You are fighting over the safety of building the airport at such unsafe place, but did you ever cover this faulty project when it was underway?

The plane has a blackbox which records all the voyage data including few last conversations. It will take few days, may be months, to analyse the data and find what went wrong. Will the tv channels give enough coverage at that time, and try to bring the guilty to justice. Or will it be wrapped up in the coverage of another celebrity wedding, because the plane crash will no longer be a high profile case for them.

If we remember, justice is yet to be delivered to the union carbide victims, but how many media channels are interested in highlighting the case, is known to all. It seems that the media waits for the things to happen, so that they have something to cover.

And Mr. Patel, forget your political stunt of resigning on moral ground. Is there any justification for resignation?

Nov 102009

Just due to perssuasion of my brother, I pour in this post. Its about the issue picked up by our represented jokers, at the assembly, the temple of our constitution.  I have finished pondering upon the incident. One fool tried to poke other fool in the most ticklish place, and the reaction was spontaneous, as claimed in the media.

What was the issue anyway? Someone wanting to speak in a language as per his wish!! Well who was going to stop him? But a political drama was staged in the name of constitutional rights. My dear bunch of jokers, please remember that along with the rights, you also get to look after your responsibilities.

This kind of political stunts have propelled these people much ahead in political race. Or they think so. It would be rather impolite for me to write down what I think of these people.

Want to know about the true issues? Providing the individuals of the state and the country with the basic rights, including, but not limited to, food clothing and shelter.

And I stop here, with a belief that writing further, will only be to their advantage as they are sure to gain unearned publicity, which is harmful for the country.

Oct 222009

The split in sena has assured that a very good opposition is lost. MNS has been the driving force in this downfall, and figures from election commission are proof to it. The are many constituencies where sena has lost(including their fortress), but its not true that MNS has gained in those places.

Had they had the wisdom to stay together, sena would have been the driving force.

Also mr. Raj has to realise that when he speaks of the outsiders in aamchi mumbai, it may hold true for aamchi mumbai. But if he has to expand to state level, the need to address the issues of other cities/districts is very high, and the question of outsiders is a no issue there. Maybe thats the reason why MNS didnt field in around 50% of the constituencies.That could be his success mantra for 2014.

Oct 222009

Amazing isn’t it? Never had a catholic living in the coastal belt of vasai, supported any form of (pro) hindutva sena. Until august 2009, mr. vivek pandit MLA was much hated by christians due to his party ideologies.

But the equation changed, when the much “beloved” ex-MLA of vasai mr. thakur raised hand, physically in form of a slap to an activist, and politically by vetting for municipal corporation for that region against the will of locals.

Christians found themselves without a seasoned politician who would be recognised by all communities in the region. Mr. pandit found this to be a great opportunity to fulfill personal ambition by standing as an independent and gathering support of the people who despised him.

I donot oppose mr. pandit. The only thought that has crossed my mind time and again, is that, will it be possible for him to bring to the task, the resistance that is being offered by his supporters? Or will he be lost in his own abmitions?

One thing he has to remember, mr. thakur had won the previous election only due to the support of this community(for the lack of a suitable candidate). This time things have changed for him as he forgot that unity always triumphs. So if mr. pandit wishes this kind of support nex time around, he has to prove himself. He has been “selected” against the most non corrupt politician of the region( who, sadly couldn’t make it to higher level, since politics doesn’t support honesty anymore in India).

Sep 252009

Never has an assembly election created as huge a turmoil as is being created now. Candidates jumping parties/loyalties, threatening to jump across, rejection of seasoned politicians in favour of dynastic line up is being seen all around.
But the question to ponder upon amidst all this is that whether there really is any candidate who deserves to be followed on one word? For me the answer seems to be no.

For now I have no choice but to follow the party that I have worshipped for years. Whether they have a good candidate or not is besides point. I guess, this is not just me, but a dilemma for a very huge percentage of citizens of India.

And now I would like to investigate in to the proposal put forward by the election commission to the government, to add an option “none of the above” on the voting machine. As we all know the ruling party and the opposition replied in unison, “no”.
The reason behind this rejection is well known to the common man of India, no matter what excuse this politicians feed!! It’s plain, they donot have many deserving candidates to place all around India/State. And introducing this option would lead to their candidate being disqualified, the candidate on which that particular party had poured money.

But had this option being brought on EVM’s, I am sure, no party would have dared perform circus at the height of elections, fearing public outrage.

Before leaving here, an important point to ponder upon. What can we say about a party whose election manifesto comprises of legalising slums? I am not against slum dwellers, but this doesnt fit in a method to combat poverty. This is just pleasing vote bank…

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