Author: Nilesh Gonsalves

Life full of Worries

Isn’t it? I feel so. I have always felt so. What am I doing? Right now I am studying for my higher exams which will ensure a stable and secure life ahead. You feel thats very good for me? Well, I have been doing this all my life, and so are you. I passed out

Presidents & Precedents

I found this particular article in the Times of India page 10 in todays print edition quite amusing. I wouldn’t differ if some of you found it to be just informative. But my analysis; here it is. The Presidents Rajendra Prasad (1884-1963) Term of Office | January 26, 1950 to May 13, 1962 First President

Taking my Chances

Well. Am taking my chances. Against all odds, namely the surveyors at the examination section of the mercantile marine departmant, India, I start my struggle to procure the Certificate of Chance. Or the CoC, as majority of mariners, know it. I was among those who called it Certificate of Competency, but my colleague Jimmy, enlightened

They all Come Back

Couple of days back I had gone with my colleague to conduct a training session at a particular institute, and I met there a gentleman, whom I recognised as the person who had allotted my first ship as a junior engineer in the shipping corporation of india. There was no way that he might have


I have no means to verify the contents of the mail that I received from my brother today, but its still a good read. So here it is, word to word, as I received. “An atheist professor of philosophy speaks to his class on the problem science has with God, The Almighty. He asks one

The Bravery Award 2010….

And the recommended name for this award is home minister Mr. R.R. Patil!! After a brave ride into naxal infested(the use of this word is not an indication of any disrespect towards naxalites, but an indication of my poor vocabulary), and aquiring some information on the living conditions of the villagers, who would be a

Chilly Winters

Its 8 O’Clock in the morning, here in an interior village in Virar(mumbai), and I have second thought about stepping out of my house. ‘Cause its cold out there, and my home provides me tempting heat. Of course its not as chilly as it used to be during my school days, and I used to leave

An Incapable Teacher…..

……..this is not my view. It the view of our worthless bureaucrats, while we continue to tolerate uneducated ministers, who draw huge salaries during their nonuseful tenure, even if they are not qualified enough for any job. As can be read in the report, Jasveer Kaur Ahluwalia was denied the well deserved pension after retirement from the municipal

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Just see the video of a cop struggling for life helplessly, on the roads of  TamilNadu, even as ministers watched the event with inaction. Police suspect it to be a case of mistaken identity. It can be seen that the cop was assaulted brutally(with bomb and sickle) and then left for death on the road. But