Feb 172010

Yes, I am into my exams. Yet I find time enough to post a quick one. Thats not because I am well prepared. Thats because of the lack of any zeal towards exams. I had explained previously the circumstances under which these exams are conducted. Maybe thats one of the reason why I wouldn’t had cared less.

Second thing is, yesterday when I got the question paper in my hand, I was very happy to find few question that I had prepared. Now it was matter of just bullshiting something. The only problem was, the lack of support from my writing mechanism, my hand!! Its was a painful affair. The pen pressed between the middle finger and the thumb, started sending some signals to my brains, making me to forget things. I was just trying as much as possible to finish the paper. And after that, there was another paper on the same day.

It takes just one examination paper to realise how we have been avoiding pen and relying on this keyboard for such a long time. But I had to do what I had to do. So write I did. Thinking less of this pain, and more of the pain if I had to repeat the paper after two months.

Now I have two days break for preparation of  two more subjects. So My hand can rest for two more days. Hoping its better this time.

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  1. I know what you mean! Even though I’m still in college, I really hate using a pen. The keyboard is just so much better. I honestly think that a day will come (not too long later) when mother’s instead of holding their children’s hands & teaching them with a pencil they will directly teach them to use a keyboard!

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