Feb 202010

The commenwealth shooting championship opened yesterday with flood of medals for India. While Anisa Sayed, Anurag Singh, Gagan Narang and PT Raghunath made India proud with their gold medal efforts, the organisers and the officials added some more feathers in our already tattered caps.

First of all the organisers decided to play the australian national anthem for the Indian winners. May be it was to calm down australians so as to stop more attacks on Indians in australia. Or may be all the national anthem tapes were missing, since they were being played at thousands of  movie theaters across the country.

Secondly, our beloved Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, the Indian Olympic Association chief, started the event by asserting that there could be some security lapses in a mega event like this. And to think that we are applying(unsuccessfully) for  hosting the olympics in India!!

And look who missed it? It seems personal rivalry preceded duties towards jobs.

Organisers who have been trying to learn from their mistakes, are failing time and again. Messing around in october during he games will not be in our best interests. If we want to be eligible for hosting the olympics, commonwealth should not be taken lightly.

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  4 Responses to “Medals in Bag..and few feathers on the cap”

  1. It is great that those sports people did well, they have made India proud!
    However, when it comes to Australia, just a year ago, I ad no particular views about the country. But as I hear more & more about them, I actually come to hate them!

    Also, I have seen your blog’s entries for Blogger’s Choice Awards & even voted. But I am irked as to why you would nominate your own blog as ‘Worst Blog of all time’ 🙁 I really think you have a nice blog with meaningful content.

  2. Lets see how many people thing its bad

  3. Not me at least! I haven’t voted for your blog in that category.
    PS- Could you vote for mine? Please? 🙂

  4. I’m having a bit of problems understanding the conclusion of the clause. The closing paragraph gets cut off halfway up. You should have a look at that.However, the rest of the read was outstanding!

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