Jun 032011

Rejoice all ye F1 fans!! A double bonanza has been announced by FIA today. As we all know, Bahrain was cancelled at the beginning of the season due to political turmoil. Also the decision on Indian GP was either ways. FIA has finally announced today that Bahrain race will take place on the dates fixed initially for Indian GP. They have also confirmed that Indian GP will be the season finisher.

What a great deal we got. We get to see the full quota of races as planned earlier. Above that, people like me in India, can look forward to finally be able to see the race live. And that too a possible tense season finale. Delhi’s got a great opportunity to prove itself.


Nov 142010

Oh, what a race it has been!! Me, being a Ferrari and Alonso fan, lost my fingernails, bitting them. Neverthless, what a race it was. The team Ferrari blew it all while timing their pit stops. And there was no looking back for Vettel after that. He did nail the 2010 championship, with a comfortable lead. And in the process, became the youngest champion at 23 years 5 months. Was a marvelous site when he stood there on the podium, flanked by two former world champions(Hamilton and Button)!!
Congratulations to Sebastian!! You wiped off the title, “wreak kid”.

Nov 132010

This is the moment we were all waiting for. This is what it has wound down to. The ultimate race of the formula 1 season 2010, has turned out to be the deciding race for the drivers championship. As the drivers run lap after lap to get to the pole position for the race on sunday, you can virtually see their fingers crossed. Alonso, Hamilton, Webber, Vettel. Who will it be this time?Well, time will tell.
So I wait for sunday, hoping Alonso, The Spaniard, wins!!
Enjoy the race!!

Jun 192010

Lately, there have been lots of attempts to transfer life in to virtuality. Flight simulators are being used since ages to train commercial pilots. A gaming freak can never forget the revolution started by the games like unreal tournament and Quake, or even the flight simulator by microsoft which offers almost realistic graphics and physical feel to the user. Formula 1 racing games and formula one simulators are largely used by aspirants and rookies of the formula 1 driving world. Then stared the second life by linden labs where we could create our avatar and go about living the virtual life. The person could even buy virtual property using the linden dollars represented by L$ which has real conversion value with USD. Godrej has forayed into this environment by introducing Gojiyo, the new social networking site.

Another invention, which is poised to add a new dimension, or rather diminish the physical barrier between virtual and real world is already into commercial production. It’s called the Virtusphere. It’s basically a 10 foot hollow sphere mounted on rotating sensors which allow for its rotation in all sides. When connected with the compatible applications, and a heads up display, the user walking in this sphere gets transferred in to virtual world, literally. The possibilities to its application are vast. Gamers will have a more realistic feel of the gaming environment when playing in a sphere(just imagine an earth quake, or a exploding grenade’s vibrations being transferred to the sphere using the feedback technology. Or a robot being controlled in war zones, without the use of those tacky joysticks.

Though, at 50000-100000$, the virtuasphere is out of reach for normal user, it can be used for military and industrial application. But the price can come down. Remember how the price of the PC has come down from 20000$ for the first IBM PC to around 500-1000$ of todays powerful PC’s.

And you know what? I stumbled upon this website too!!

Jun 132010

Oh! What a qualifying it was. With the top 10 positions being covered within just one sec, the top ten drivers proved their worth. But Hamilton has managed to qualify on pole again at the canadian GP. And has also managed to set some new standards for cost cutting measures being implemented by the FIA. Bernie might be euphoric by now as he can go out and prove that Formula 1 can be a completely green sport. Just check out this videos…..


Hamilton ran out of fuel at the end of his sqeezed qualifying lap and had to to cover some distance in a rolling car. As evident, he decided to get some fun out of it by pushing the car for quite some distance.

But, beware all drivers, cause you might find cars without engines next year, and you might be asked to push your car to the finish line. Imagine such a “formula” “one”man race!!

Mar 112010

Its a week of new starts in the world of sports. And the population on this planet is ready to rejoice.

The first event that starts tomorrow is the IPL or the Indian Premier League, the shortest version of  cricket so far. I am not at all a huge fan of this form of the game. I prefer the longest version of the game, the test cricket. I feel that a five day game gives enough time for a team to prove their strength. Of course, I am not the one to buy a ticket and watch the game at the stadium for five whole days(who has that much time these days?), but I do follow the progress of the game through media, when two strong teams are playing each other. I feel the 20 over version is sort of a hit or miss affair, with the luckiest team ending up as champions. People get fascinated by this series due to the amount of entertainment provided in the shortest possible time. And hats off to the organisers, who have come up with such a brilliant idea for generating higher revenues to the players involved, and have managed to make this affair a grand success.

The second sport that starts this weekend, is the one which fascinated me much more. The Formula 1 Circus is back, and along with it has come back Micheal Schumacher the seven times world champion of this sport. Also I am happy for the new face from my country, Karan Chandhok, and an upgraded version of the car from my favourite team, Force India.

Nothing creates more buzz than the return of Schumi after two years out of the sport. This has offset the drop in enthusiasm about formula 1, due to many different rules introduced. One of them being the ban on midrace refuelling. This has taken away most of the excitement, that was generated due to strategic fuel loads in the car. Now there won’t be any strategies for pitstops. All cars will be loaded to maximum, and will go round and round till tires wear out, forcing a change, which normally happens almost around the same time for cars with similar tyre compound. Overtaking during pit stops will be minimal, and will lead to the pole position driver winning quite frequently. Where’s the excitement in that?

Karan Chandhok is signed up as a driver for the team HRT(Hispania Racing F1 Team). Its a good opportunity for the youngster, who has been aspiring this position since long back, and have put in lots of efforts towards this. Though we do not have any over expectations from him, since its the debut of him and his team, we do expect him to prove his worth and consistency.

And before I end, its good to see that Force India has begun its season with good performance at the test drive. They had put up a very notewrothy performance last year, being in points with a podium finish. I will put down my money on this team to be up amongst the middle order(or may be among the top, who knows!!).

Oct 192009

Jenson Button and the Brawn team has ensured that formula one is the final winner in the game!!

With all the excitements and the dramas filled in this season, it had never been so fun watching it. Though one race is still to go at abu dhabi, its just completion of formalities. Teams with low budget have proved that they can be competitive from the front. Case in the point is Brawn, Redbull Racing, Force India and many other troubled teams who have managed to score points. The era of big threes, Ferrari, Mclaren and Renault is over.

Surely we have a very exciting and more competitive season coming up next year with three more teams entering and few more tracks.

Eagerly waiting for the next season. For me, I am putting my money on Brawn GP again and also expecting Force India to do better still!!

Sep 132009

Force India has garnered its maiden points in its second season in the last grand prix by placing their driver on podium and did it again in monza after sutil finished in top 5 proving that there is enough competition left in formula 1. Me?? Am not supporting Force India due to my nationality. The events/results of this years GP have a great bearing towards where formula 1 is heading.

Take the case of Force India gathering points from podium. Its truly endorses the stand of FIA that formula can be ran on a tight budget, and yet be competitive enough. Cars run above 300 km/hr in a race. Does that mean that there cant be an exciting competition at 250 km/hr?

In their quest to achive maximum speed formula one teams lost directions. Just up till recently, we had cars running with traction control and launch control systems…!! Come on guys, we know that this technologies exist and are being used in commercial cars for improved safety. But in a F1 car to assist a driver, just so that he can run the car at a higher speed without worrying about skidding?? Imagine a driver who just floors the acclerator at the green light without having to think about a spinning wheel!! Now wheres the driving ability in that? I still remember those races where in older drivers like barrichello chose to switch off launch control just to get the complete control over how he starts the race, instead of a computer carrying the job for him. Had the development in that direction not been stopped by FIA , drivers would have just become puppets inside the car, with computers handling even the gear upshift!!!

Lets talk about ethics. Great teams like mclaren had got itself entangled in the spygate. The pressure to generate revenues for their investors have forced many into unethical ways. Stealing data from a winning team is not very competitive. Neither is favouratism. Many a times have seen ferrari favouring micheal schumacher and skillfully forcing barrichello to back out. It was heartbreaking to see when it happened to barrichello in front of his home crowd.

Safety!! Formula 1 is considered as safest with high level of research and development in that direction..Well , rubbish that. Formula should be considered one of the most dangerous and life threatening sport. Atleast going by the standards followed now-a-days. Sheer pressure to perform has forced seasoned drivers in to mistakes, resulting in injuries and loss of life. Let me be frank, I started enjoying formula 1 when i didnt even know what it was, but the number of dramatic accidents taking place on track kept me glued. And my interest in formula 1 increased to a point that i became fairly versed with its in’s and out’s. Though the number of accidents decreased, no foolproof safety measures can be implemented. In the promos for the singapore GP, videos from last years GP are aired. A driver running across the track cannot be termed as safe. Also you cant say that its safe for drivers to just tear apart a fuel hose and take half its length dragging all along the pit lane. It could have resulted in major fire.

Analyse crash gate. A driver accused a team manager of giving him order to crash at a certain point on track so as to give advantage to his team mate. Forget the validity of this accusation or the ethical outlook if they are true. Hey formula one people!! This is very dangerous game plan not only for that particular driver but also for other drivers, track marshalls, spectators and formula one as a whole.

All in all formula one needs a radical change where in its not controlled by handful of majors but by all the participating interests. Take the case of Brawn GP. They got their funding just in the week of their first race and they have shown that they are winning material. Same with Redbull Racing. Same with Force India. These teams were ‘who are they?’ of formula 1. But they changed the tide of the game. Current recession has crippled many teams and a tight budget can be beneficial for their survival and that of formula 1. Whats the point in having a race without the full starting grid? Its the battle of all the orders, the top, the middle and the bottom..

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