A Billion Dollar Ice

The first moon mission from India blasted off with billions of hope on its back, and completed its job as defined. The results of the project were out some days back, and our very own chandrayaan it did not disappoint with its findings. The Nasa payload, was successful in finding ice in one of the crators on the moon!! Thats a very good news to us.

But I fail to understand how its a good news? Is Nasa or Isro or any other space organisation or government planning to build a pipeline from moon to the earth? Till that doesn’t materalise, the ice(water) stays there. Or may be they are planning to build civilisation around the source of water. But then, only people like Dennis Tito, Richard Branson, Vijay Mallya and such other people, will be able to afford the trip. So the discovery doesn’t seem to be of any consequence to the comman man, except for and additional chapter in our geography text books.

Get real my dear scientists. There are no any inventions which will help us to use any of this discoveries in near future. Of course discoveries are very much needed for the progress of the mankind, but should the issues at hand be not dealt with first? I would not touch the subjects of injustice, wars, and many other issues. But why not just think about the water problems? Billions of dollars were spent for this discovery on the moon, but I think a fraction of that amount could have helped in solving the problem at hand. Huge desalination plants for purifying sea water wouldn’t have cost much as compared to the Nasa payload. Now take the case of India, and Mumbai in particular. All the reservoirs supplying water to this megapolis, are found to be getting more and more insufficient each year. Now, the government has vast amount of lands under its control, so why isn’t anyone thinking about digging out more reservoirs on this lands. But that would translate to lesser real estate space, meaning less income to the politicians.

Technologically we are achiving feats, but we are going way ahead of our times, and in the process writing our history towards extinction.


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