A Formula ‘One’-man Race

Oh! What a qualifying it was. With the top 10 positions being covered within just one sec, the top ten drivers proved their worth. But Hamilton has managed to qualify on pole again at the canadian GP. And has also managed to set some new standards for cost cutting measures being implemented by the FIA. Bernie might be euphoric by now as he can go out and prove that Formula 1 can be a completely green sport. Just check out this videos…..


Hamilton ran out of fuel at the end of his sqeezed qualifying lap and had to to cover some distance in a rolling car. As evident, he decided to get some fun out of it by pushing the car for quite some distance.

But, beware all drivers, cause you might find cars without engines next year, and you might be asked to push your car to the finish line. Imagine such a “formula” “one”man race!!

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