Writer’s Block

I was enquiring my colleague a couple of days back why he had not updated his blog for quite some time, and his answer was that he was going through writer’s block phase. That left me pondering. Was that the case with me? It seemed to me that few of my recent posts were not from the heart. There weren’t much efforts. I now feel I could have improved upon the one on legalising betting in India. And the ones with all the videos inserted, merely seemed like fillers. I could have done away with those. And why did I even announce to the world about Nadals fifth win at the french open? It is not as if I am the only source of news and the first thing my readers do is log on to the internet to check my updates before having breakfast.

Yes, it seems I am definately going through a writer’s block, or a blogger’s blog in this case. Though calling myself a writer would be a bit of an overstatement. I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time now, citing one reason or the other to myself. Sometimes it was that I had not composed myself enough to publish. Or may be the problems with my internet. Sometimes I feel I am diversifying to much, while at other times I seems to be concentrating to my region. Sometimes the lack of subject or even plain old lazinesss is the reason.

There are lots of drafts in my blog at this moment which can be updated. But calling them a draft would be a change in its defination entirely, because these drafts contain only the titles. No body. The thoughts are in my head. But am unable to phrase them in correct sequence to justify the subject. I have been determining, and procrastinating, to finish these “drafts” to publish meaningful posts which might help me release myself from this mental block. But……

…..even as I compose this post, the writer’s bock really blocks me from going ahead.


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