For once, you will love to Stumble

Internet has grown out to be a source of information, huge in magnitude and unimaginable by human memory standards. Lots of data is available at our finger tips. Google has become a synonym to search(though google has spread its branch much wider then just search technology) and wikipedia is considered to be the boss of all the encyclopedias. But wikipedia cannot by itself help us comprehend the diversity and the vastness of the internet. Lots of websites go unseen by majority of netizens. Lots of information goes unaccessed. I personally would have been happy to access more pages with interesting contents. But its very difficult to go through the different combinations of web addresses.

So, something has comeup on the internet which excites me. Stumble upon!! I actually stumbled upon this site while going through few blogs. And I was quite surprised about the way it works.

All we need to is login to our personal account on stumble upon and choose the preferences of the websites we would like to visit. Then we start stumbling. Just on a click of a button, a random website is displayed as per our preferences set before. This website might turn out to be quite interesting or plain boring, and we can indicate that by clicking on the thumbs up or thumbs down button. The website will remember this and try to refine its choice of webpages for us. The sites that are  displayed, are actually submitted to stumble upon by various user of net under some catagory, when they find it to be of their interest.

We need not always go onto the stumble upon website for stumbling. Addons are available for different browsers which add a toolbar containing the stumble tools into the browser window. After a one time login, it becomes easier.

Whenever we are bored, or just want to be fed with some useful or unwanted information, stumbling can be a good option. For once we find it very good upon “stumbling”.

Few of the websites that I stumbled upon are listed here. I felt they were quite ineresting.

1. Funny windows messages.

2. Funny conversations that travel booking staff encounters.


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