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Salli Per Edu

I had been trying out this Parsi dish, Salli Per Edu since quite some time. And today I think I got it somewhat right( may be not a-Parsi-bawa-pats-on-my-back-for-my-effort kind of right, but the kind where I don't have to look out towards that trip to

Honey Mustard Roast Bird

In continuation to my desire to satisfy ones taste and fill ones tummy, I keep on trying out different recipes, sometimes documented, sometimes invented. I’ve not checked if this recipe is documented anywhere, so i can say it’s an invention. If its already documented, just add another ingredient when you prepare and it will be

The Art of Cooking

We eat. So we cook. There is no better explanation to it. Ever since man invented fire, the subsequent improvement in taste upon roasting over open fire fascinated man and he developed it to what we called as modern cooking. Complete with assistance from most advanced cookware and equipment. We have the food processors to

Refurbished…..Should I Buy?

  I would definitely buy. Why what’s wrong in those products? I get good great value for money. I get warranty. Why shouldn’t I buy? Let me elaborate. (Disclaimer: Again as I always say, not promoting any specific company) During our search for a netbook for my friend, he decided to lookout for options like

Egg Toast Sandwich. Quick and Simple

Many times on weekends I wake up and have a feeling of not wanting to sweat for a good breakfast. But then I don’t feel like living on cereals and milk. That’s when the egg comes to my rescue. But it gets pretty boring if you have plain egg with nothing to accompany it. Enter,

Roasted Meat

Nothing tastes like it. Be it a lamb or a pork chop. Marinated, roasted meat!! Flushed down with a beer. That’s paradise. Want to experience it? Easy. All you need is some fresh lime, fresh ground pepper, ginger-turmeric paste, bit of olive oil, some common salt, the oven and of course, those chunks of meat.

How to Steam you Fish

The most common method of preparing fish in my region has been cooking it in tamarind & curry leaves based curry. Fried fish as a side dish has been the second most favored choice. It’s hard to pass a day when one of our meal doesn’t contain fish.

A Perfect Pizza Spread

The journey with home made Pizzas has started for with, the week I bought my first convection oven. One of the many gadgets that I had desired for a long time. I finally bought it, when I couldn’t resist the discount offered by the store. And have been baking, grilling and roasting ever since. I

Sharma Dhaba

On persistent requests by my brother and a cousin, I went to this dhaba(an eatery with north Indian ambiance) today to taste quail, which, my brother claimed, was prepared in a very good curry at this place. The place is on the Mumbai-Ahmadabad  national highway-8 Just a couple of kilometers after the kaner phata(virar phata)

Vindaloo…an East Indian Delicacy

Being a Christian has it’s advantages. One of them is being allowed to eat all sorts of food. One of my all time favorite is the Pork Vindaalo, which we rarely cook now-a-days due to health reasons. But a human being is a creature which improvises on the available resources, and such an improvisation has