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How to Save the Games

There is an article in The Times of India, 13th august edition about, how to save the messed up common wealth games. I didn’t read the article, because that’s hopeless. It was a known fact that our corrupt officials will surely do a messy business. But didn’t ever think that they would go so far

A Letter to the Psychic

To, Dear Paul, I sit down to write this letter, immediately after I saw your videos, of  your decision, on the internet. I hope this mail finds you well and fine. Actually, I am bit concerned about your well being, since you have got yourselves involved in this serious matter. Let me remind you. Lots

Junk in the House

Rewind to a few days back. I was at home with nothing much to do. Its a common phenomenon that when you are free at home, you won’t find any music worth listening, your friends will be out at work or busy, and the idiot box will be airing a movie which you have watched

A Formula ‘One’-man Race

Oh! What a qualifying it was. With the top 10 positions being covered within just one sec, the top ten drivers proved their worth. But Hamilton has managed to qualify on pole again at the canadian GP. And has also managed to set some new standards for cost cutting measures being implemented by the FIA. Bernie might

Funny Dance

How crazy can a college cultural night go? Here’s a dance video as an example httpv:// Anyone out there amongst these crazy troupe? Please explain what’s this all about. And then there is this aunty who has all the energy and youth… httpv:// And here’s our very own Micheal Jackson…More of a backscratcher. Enjoy!! httpv://

Mungerilal….Dreams Shattered

Hahaha…This one’s funny. Remember Raghuveer Yadav aka Mungerilal in the famous TV serial “mungerilal ke haseen sapney”(Beautiful dreams of mungerilal)? It seems he was still dreaming while he was being led in to police trap. Entire report here.

Just “Made Up”

Since there was some time for the train to arrive at our suburban station, three of us were squandering our time on political and social debate. The arguments drifted from one point to another, including, our local politics or the state of the government affairs(We the people of India, have a say in everything. Doesn’t

PacMan on Google

The 30th anniversary of PacMan was commemorated by google, by placing an interactive pacman doodle on its search homepage. The pacman game could be played by clicking on “Insert Coin” button in place of “I’m feeling lucky” that usually appears beside the google search button, giving it a retro feel. I had tried it on

“Made” in China

One of the experiences that every sea fearer has during his sea life is, being duped at some foreign port. No one has been spared of it, some for a small amount, some to a large extent. But a sea fearer always forgets the loss, comparing it with the very high salary he earns, and