Jul 192010

iPhone X – Specifications and Prices Revealed

Apple is all set to launch its 10th anniversary edition of their iPhone lineage, the iPhone 8 ...

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  7 Responses to “The Indian Octopus”

  1. Please dont insult the Octopus. It’s an intelligent creature.

    • Hahaha……. Sorry I didn’t mean to insult it. Just wanted to depict our politician with lots of legs. Paul came to my mind as he was the current trend, else would have gone with spider maybe…

  2. Just as Purba said!
    Anyway, did you make this yourself?

  3. No, I honestly love it! <3
    You must have seen my own silly comic on my Emotional Atyachaar post!

  4. nice post..i mean d pic.. 😀

    do visit my post and do promote it if you like it.. 🙂

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