A Letter to the Psychic


Dear Paul,

I sit down to write this letter, immediately after I saw your videos, of  your decision, on the internet. I hope this mail finds you well and fine. Actually, I am bit concerned about your well being, since you have got yourselves involved in this serious matter.

Let me remind you. Lots of money is at stake here, and people following you may loose in millions. So you got to be 100% sure. The money channels run through the underworld, and these are ruthless people. They will hunt you down, and if you can’t bear their losses, they will surely kill you. Oh!! why did you get involved into this? Its always safe for lowly creatures, to stay in shelters and have three meals a day. This kind of jobs are better left to professionals.

Once again I request you. Rethink on it. Back out of it. In my heart, I feel that Argentina will win, while my brains say that Germany is a strong team. But I do not go out predicting the game. How would it matter to you anyway if either Germany or Argentina won? One will be sour, and the other will be celebrating overnight. But if this prediction if wrong, lots of bookies may come all out to get you. So do something about it.

One final time, I pray for your safety, whatever may be the results. I hope you are equipped with colors to camouflage, after the match is over.

Your fellow Psychic.

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