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The Earthquake that was a Setup!!

By now you all know that there was a major earthquake in Pakistan, and the tremors were felt in neighboring country and even as far as Dubai. But believe me or not. This earthquake was a setup. It might be an act of some terrorist outfit, or a political plot to create turbulence in the

Funny Faceboook Conversation

Check out this conversation on facebook.     For those of you who do not understand it, some part is written in Hindi(Indian national language) using roman script. It means : Vodafone sends me a message, “someone somewhere is made for you. to find out send sms……..So what should I do about the one at

My Country

When I was in school, we were taught that India is a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic country. But recent few years has made me think up one more word to add there. India seems to have now become a sovereign(some powers delegated to google for mapping as per their choice, the USA, china and

Manmohan Singh and the 2G

In wake of the recently unearthed 2G scam, the Indian prime minister has been bombarded with hundreds of questions in the past few days. Though a man of pure mind and acts, he had to stay tight lipped towards the opposition and the media queries. It seems that he has broken his silence finally. Santa

New Games on BADA OS

There’s a good news and a bad news. Then there is a clarification which will turn the previous statement upside down. For those of you who don’t know, BADA is an open operating system being developed by Samsung for its future smart phones. The Wave series of phones uses this OS, rather than using Android

PAN Card Scam??

The media is ablaze with the news of the scams that have been unearthed during the organisation of the common wealth games. It was a front page subject for a leading news paper, whose ethics are being questioned, for more than 2 weeks. We never had such a coverage of any other large scam, except

Ajmal in Trouble

Our neighbour’s beloved, and the hero of their country, Ajmal Kasab, was caught on video while assaulting jail staff. My oh my!! Ajmal is in biiiiiiiiggggg trouble.!!!!! Oh! By the way, what was the ongoing case against him?

A Shippie’s Diet

The regular readers of this blog know that I was a shippie until very recently. Shippie is a term used for a person who work on ship. I worked in the capacity of a marine engineer on five different ships. Following is not my resume. It explains to you the food habits on a normal

Funny Proverbs

An apple a day keeps the doctor away : Never heard it from a doctor. A drowning man will clutch at a straw : And do what? Breathe through it? PEOPLE!! He’s drowning. A straw is not going to help him. Neither is this proverb. A friend in need is a friend indeed : It’s

Incredible India

What is India? A nation with cities where Pizza reach faster than police or ambulance. A nation where you get car loan at 8% but education loan at 12%. A nation where the staple diet of people, rice, costs rs. 40 for the cheapest quality, but SIM card is free. A nation where people worship