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No Terrorists Here…

A Banquet for the Prime Minister of India and his wife, hosted by the POTUS, did go quite well as per sources. Except for ‘one small tolerable’ incident. The Party was gatecrashed by a US couple. Michaele and Tareq Salahi. Now as per, the US ways of dealing with such incidents, the name Tareq would surely have rung some

A Sparkling Star

Chiranjeevi escaped from being electrocuted during an election rally, when his party workers tried to raise the electric supply wires, under which he was passing. Sparks flew in the air and chiranjeevi, in his heroic action, ducked to save himself. A contact with these live wire would have surely made a Sparkling Star out of him.

A Fishy Tale

A fisherman lands a good catch. He goes home and asks his wife to cook it. But his wife cannot cook since there is no gas, no electricity, no water. So the fisher man goes back and releases the fish back to sea. The fish shouts, “Long live the congress government!!” Source : SMS

And The Award Goes To………..

………………India. Considered as the underdog in the contest for the nobel prize for the most filthy country contest, India has managed to emerge a clear winner, with all the dirtiest and the filthiest (both politically and literally) countries voting for it. But with or without their backing, India always has inside connections with its civic

Point of View

A stray dog started chasing a women, and a man killed it thus saving the women. The press reported, “A man rescues a women from a stray dog”. If the man had been American, the title would go “An American saves the life of an Indian women”. If the man had been a Pakistani, the title

Barter!! Its Still Exists !!!

Being a marine engineer by profession, my job took me around the world in past five years. This particular incident at an Argentine sea port, Necochea. Me and an electrical officer had gone for a city visit in the evening. A very good and non crowded city it is. Both of  knew only one word

We could do with this

As we know, Mohammad Rafi, the top class playback singer of yesteryears, was also a contributor as a play back singer for marathi cinema. I personally love his marathi songs, ‘hasa mulanno hasa’ and ‘haa chanda jivala laavi pise’. Its difficult to make out that this person was a non marathi play back singer. His

A Non Marathi Cyclone

Who says that the marathi manus, and overall the entrie marathi issue is for no gains? Well, Phyan doesnt seem to be a marathi name, else it would have visited mumbai and cause destruction… hehehehehheee