May 272010

The appearance of the real Sachin Tendulkar on the microblogging site twitter, has delighted his fans in India and world alike. People login quite often, to check out the little master’s status and follow him through his life. And the master blaster, thought infrequent on twitter, he logs in and responds to few of his fans once in a while. Already he is credited to collecting 67 lakh rupees for the cancer foundation, just by publishing the initiative on the site. Such is the value of his words.

As with the physical fan base following a star through out his stardom, Sachin might find it difficult to keep up with this virtual fan base. At present, he has more than 3,00,000 tweeter’s following him, and he manages to communicate with few of them. We have seen how a celebrity is haunted and mobbed by the followers at the gates of his house, or at an outing which he wishes to keep private.

Similar things could happen on twitter.

Sachin will login one day to find himself spammed with thousands of messages in a single instance, from the followers burning the idiomatic midnight lamp, waiting for their hero to come online. It will be difficult to reach out to the genuine fans and keep the spammers at bay. Webrazzi’s, the web avatars of paparazzi, will be waiting for the master to type few words, and bend them as per their requirements.

Sachin’s doing well now by being inconspicuous right now. But he won’t be able to avoid above situation, if he has to maintain his regulay activity on twitter.

P.S. : Sachin, if you read this, don’t get scared of what I typed above. It’s just to motivate you to continue to score on the twitter.

May 152010

Even as the formula 1 circus moves to the most glamorous circuit of the season, the most glamorous and successful driver of all  times, Micheal Schumacher finds it difficult to dodge allegations of using unfair means to acquire pole position in the season 2006 at this circuit. Schumacher is alleged to have parked his car on a very crucial turn, which resulted in ruined laptimes of the drivers behind him during qualifying. Micheal, of all the people, should know that the press is unforgiving, and he must word his feelings carefully.

Controversy or not, the race will be go tomorrow as scheduled, and the likes of Vijay Mallya and Bernie Ecclestone will be ready for the party. And of course, there are those diamonds studded in to the steering of the mclaren drivers to add shine to the event.

Speaking of diamonds, one person whom I will miss, particularly in this race, is Kimi “Iceman” Raikonnin who has moved on to the dustier roads of the world rally championship.

But then even Micheal finds it difficult at times now.

Mar 152010

The Formula 1 season 2010 was go at Bahrain, which marked the return of the great Micheal Schumacher back in to F1. And back is the combination of Ross Brawn and Schumi, which had created records after records when they were with Ferrari. Fans surely expect rocket laps from the seven times world champion, which I feel, will be a far shot with such an aggressive competition.

Good luck previled, when Fernando Alsono and Fillipe Massa got an easy chance to pass the limping Vettel, and the Ferrari boys took the most out of it by winning 1-2 in the opening race. Three cheers to the three F’s!!!

As claimed in my earlier post, Force India surely did not disappoint me. Vijay Mallya and his team managed to deliver a point scoring result in the inaugaral race. Their celebration was marred by bad luck on part of Adrian Sutil, who looked to be in good position to be among top 7, when he was spun out by Robert Kubica. Adrian rejoined the race at tail of the field, but a very good strategy helped him to climb up to a very respectable 12th position. Vitantonio Luizzi was among points for Force India, and the points were well deserved. Bravo Sutil!! Bravo Luizzi!! Well done Force India.

Micheal Schumacher proved his status by coming home in the 6th position, a very respectable place given that he was out of the game for two years. Though fans expect a lot, things might have changed a bit.
Due to a bit increase in length, the cars look less preetier than previous year, and Ferrari(as always), Mclaren Mercedes and Force India stood out in terms of looks and color combination.

All in all few exciting moments, and a good race full of overtaking maneouvers. Now the circus moves on to one of my favourite circuits, The Albert Park, Australia!! Waiting for that.

Mar 112010

Its a week of new starts in the world of sports. And the population on this planet is ready to rejoice.

The first event that starts tomorrow is the IPL or the Indian Premier League, the shortest version of  cricket so far. I am not at all a huge fan of this form of the game. I prefer the longest version of the game, the test cricket. I feel that a five day game gives enough time for a team to prove their strength. Of course, I am not the one to buy a ticket and watch the game at the stadium for five whole days(who has that much time these days?), but I do follow the progress of the game through media, when two strong teams are playing each other. I feel the 20 over version is sort of a hit or miss affair, with the luckiest team ending up as champions. People get fascinated by this series due to the amount of entertainment provided in the shortest possible time. And hats off to the organisers, who have come up with such a brilliant idea for generating higher revenues to the players involved, and have managed to make this affair a grand success.

The second sport that starts this weekend, is the one which fascinated me much more. The Formula 1 Circus is back, and along with it has come back Micheal Schumacher the seven times world champion of this sport. Also I am happy for the new face from my country, Karan Chandhok, and an upgraded version of the car from my favourite team, Force India.

Nothing creates more buzz than the return of Schumi after two years out of the sport. This has offset the drop in enthusiasm about formula 1, due to many different rules introduced. One of them being the ban on midrace refuelling. This has taken away most of the excitement, that was generated due to strategic fuel loads in the car. Now there won’t be any strategies for pitstops. All cars will be loaded to maximum, and will go round and round till tires wear out, forcing a change, which normally happens almost around the same time for cars with similar tyre compound. Overtaking during pit stops will be minimal, and will lead to the pole position driver winning quite frequently. Where’s the excitement in that?

Karan Chandhok is signed up as a driver for the team HRT(Hispania Racing F1 Team). Its a good opportunity for the youngster, who has been aspiring this position since long back, and have put in lots of efforts towards this. Though we do not have any over expectations from him, since its the debut of him and his team, we do expect him to prove his worth and consistency.

And before I end, its good to see that Force India has begun its season with good performance at the test drive. They had put up a very notewrothy performance last year, being in points with a podium finish. I will put down my money on this team to be up amongst the middle order(or may be among the top, who knows!!).

Feb 242010

And he has done it again!! Scaling one more peak in his remarkable career, which no other batsmen had ever scaled in history, Sachin Tendulkar, the Master Blaster, broke records after records to set a new record of over 200 hundred runs in a one day international game. Those who have not seen the inning, have missed quite a lot of cricket. Achiving this feat, is quite a big task in this format of game, as the time is limited. Many a batsmen have come close to it, but in the end they ran out of time, or their energies. But Tendulkar, who was on the pitch from the start of the innings till the end, looked fresh as ever. And that too at the age of above 35. He has managed to keep himself as one of the fittest player in the Indian contingent. He has never been in news for missing a practice session for absurd reason, or never found to be placing personal achivements ahead of the needs of the team. May be thats the reason why it took him so long to achive this target.

But he has reached there. And he will stay there for quite some time. Many a times, comparisons are made with the Australian player Ricky Ponting, where he is labelled as another successor to Tendulkar. But I don’t think the next Sachin is in the game yet. People trying to compare other batsmen to be of Tendulkar’s calibre, is itself an indication of his greatness. Previously it used to be a comparison of players with Sir Donald Bradman. But now its with Tendulkar, which speaks of the heights Tendulkar has reached.

At this rate, and by his form, it seems, he will be in th game for quite a long time from now. And we want it too.

Go ahead Tendulkar!! We love it when you are in full flow.

Feb 202010

The commenwealth shooting championship opened yesterday with flood of medals for India. While Anisa Sayed, Anurag Singh, Gagan Narang and PT Raghunath made India proud with their gold medal efforts, the organisers and the officials added some more feathers in our already tattered caps.

First of all the organisers decided to play the australian national anthem for the Indian winners. May be it was to calm down australians so as to stop more attacks on Indians in australia. Or may be all the national anthem tapes were missing, since they were being played at thousands of  movie theaters across the country.

Secondly, our beloved Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, the Indian Olympic Association chief, started the event by asserting that there could be some security lapses in a mega event like this. And to think that we are applying(unsuccessfully) for  hosting the olympics in India!!

And look who missed it? It seems personal rivalry preceded duties towards jobs.

Organisers who have been trying to learn from their mistakes, are failing time and again. Messing around in october during he games will not be in our best interests. If we want to be eligible for hosting the olympics, commonwealth should not be taken lightly.

Dec 132009

Though I am not a huge cricket fan, I manage to sit through the entire ordeal sometimes. Such was the day yesterday. I watched the match till India won, and rejoiced!!

No now I wake up in the morning, and on the front page of the times of India, it proclaims that the birthday boy was instrumental in the victory. And it amuses me. Whats so special about birthdays, that sportsmen manage to shine on these days? Of course, its a very happy day for that person, but is it the only day that theparticular sportsman can perform. I have always noticed the same thing with tendulker. A game coincides with his birthday, and he scores!!

Brilliant plan follows. As you all know, analysts and coaches for this game have struggled hard to find people who could make a winning combination. Left-right handed combinations, all rounders, hard hitters, fast bowlers(by fast I the word exclusively represents speed, not line, length or some brain behind the delivery), sloggers have all been tried out. You know what…they are blind to the fact. India has a huge population of cricket aspirents, and I am sure that the birthday calander would take up the entire 365 days of the years if noted for all these people. So, induct them all in the team, and combine the people with birthdays on the day of the game. And then we will have the most successful combination, and the no. 1 team for life.

Please note though, this can be successful in one day and the more shorter version of the game. For test cricket( for which I still keep high regards), It would be a faliure, since you cant have a birthday on all the five days, and the shine is limited to only one day for that person. Also no offense meant towards tendulker, sehwag, dravid etc, who have managed to shine few more times.

Nov 052009

17000…finally!! And there is no sarcasm in my tone, rather a very deep respect for the man.

Though there is not much significance to this figure except the hype created by media, each and every bit of it has been thrilling.

Alone, he has held many a war posts in his career. Alone, he has steered his country near to victory. Yet people say that he has never helped gain victory. All his valor out on ground has been lost to a pathetic display by his mates.

Though I have stopped watching cricket long back, Sachin Tendulkar manages to amaze me with his game. The only reason I might stay glued to a cricket match is Tendulkar being on the Pitch.

It will take a lot of time for him to pass his age and for India to replace him.

Keep Going Sachin!!

Oct 192009

Jenson Button and the Brawn team has ensured that formula one is the final winner in the game!!

With all the excitements and the dramas filled in this season, it had never been so fun watching it. Though one race is still to go at abu dhabi, its just completion of formalities. Teams with low budget have proved that they can be competitive from the front. Case in the point is Brawn, Redbull Racing, Force India and many other troubled teams who have managed to score points. The era of big threes, Ferrari, Mclaren and Renault is over.

Surely we have a very exciting and more competitive season coming up next year with three more teams entering and few more tracks.

Eagerly waiting for the next season. For me, I am putting my money on Brawn GP again and also expecting Force India to do better still!!

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