Glamorous Case at the Glamorous Race

Even as the formula 1 circus moves to the most glamorous circuit of the season, the most glamorous and successful driver of all  times, Micheal Schumacher finds it difficult to dodge allegations of using unfair means to acquire pole position in the season 2006 at this circuit. Schumacher is alleged to have parked his car on a very crucial turn, which resulted in ruined laptimes of the drivers behind him during qualifying. Micheal, of all the people, should know that the press is unforgiving, and he must word his feelings carefully.

Controversy or not, the race will be go tomorrow as scheduled, and the likes of Vijay Mallya and Bernie Ecclestone will be ready for the party. And of course, there are those diamonds studded in to the steering of the mclaren drivers to add shine to the event.

Speaking of diamonds, one person whom I will miss, particularly in this race, is Kimi “Iceman” Raikonnin who has moved on to the dustier roads of the world rally championship.

But then even Micheal finds it difficult at times now.

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