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Got a Writer in You? Write & Earn

Do you think you have that knack for writing, but didn’t have any motivation to go ahead? Here’s something that might be a booster. I always felt that I should be writing something. Lots of thoughts in my mind. Few ideas. But never took out some time to pen it down. Then a gradual introduction

A Shippie’s Diet

The regular readers of this blog know that I was a shippie until very recently. Shippie is a term used for a person who work on ship. I worked in the capacity of a marine engineer on five different ships. Following is not my resume. It explains to you the food habits on a normal

“Inglish” Customer Support

I had some trouble getting my internet settings right on Airtel GPRS connections, so I called up the technical support. I selected English as the preferred language thinking that it would be easier to converse. Oh, I wished!! Little did I know that I had selected Indian BPO English, or Inglish(read this as,”language which you

Coping with the Computer Age

This happened a few days back. As my monthly travel pass was about to expire, I went to the railway station to get it renewed. To avoid the peak hour rush at the platform level booking office, I chose to use the booking office on the foot over bridge, which people rarely used. There were

Premji’s Take

Azim’ Premji is the chairman of Wipro. Read his take on the expenditures incurred by the Indian government for the CWG. This is one of the best article I have ever read in the TOI for a long time.

Incredible India

What is India? A nation with cities where Pizza reach faster than police or ambulance. A nation where you get car loan at 8% but education loan at 12%. A nation where the staple diet of people, rice, costs rs. 40 for the cheapest quality, but SIM card is free. A nation where people worship

My Blog is Carbon Neutral

This is my contribution for protection of the environment, apart from the huge mango tree which I saved from being hacked down earlier this year. My blog goes green. There are several initiatives on the internet, which help protect the environment. One of which I came to know yesterday was, by hosting my blog on

Something Promising. Finally!!

Times News Network, reports in its 13th August Mumbai edition of the Times of India that, HC slams state for neglecting PAPs rehabilitation saying that ‘Maoists are born due to govt’s apathy’. I couldn’t find the link to its online edition, but you can check it out on page 13. It’s kind of good to