My Blog is Carbon Neutral

This is my contribution for protection of the environment, apart from the huge mango tree which I saved from being hacked down earlier this year. My blog goes green.

There are several initiatives on the internet, which help protect the environment. One of which I came to know yesterday was, by hosting my blog on a particular server which is powered by solar panel. But this one I liked much better. You see the badge on my sidebar. By clicking on it, you go to the website with more information. All you need to do is create a blogpost similar to this one and add a badge in the sidebar as I have done. Then send the link to the email id and they plant a tree for you. This will help neutralise the carbon emmission that your blog host is giving out.

By the way, after completion of this task, no one is stopping you from planting a tree in your own backyard. So why wait. Make you website/blog, carbon neutral.

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