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Lord Ganesha, also known as Ganpati Bappa, has come back this year!! The favourite God of the marathi population, is being welcomed at homes in Mumbai and Pune with a pomp, even as I type. Vighnaharta, or the vanquisher of obstacles, brings happiness(hence called sukhakarta) and joy to the hearts of the people. Ganesha, stays for a period ranging from one and a half day to 10 days, when he is worshipped by his devotees. This is the time for all the faral(special delicacies like chiwda, karanji, shankarpali, modak etc.) prepared to please the elephant headed God. At the end of 1oth day, devotees will bid him farewell, with a plea to come back next year, and he is then submerged in the water.

Here you can find the complete details to the beliefs and the origin of the festival.

Check out the photo of the Lalbaugcha Raja(The king of lalbaug).

Lord Ganesha

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  7. Ganpati Bappa Moriya Rey, Moriya Rey, Bappa Moriya Rey
    Ganpati Bappa Ki Jay

  8. Ganpati Bappa Moreya….
    Pratham tula vandito,,,,
    Gan gan gan ganpatey nam:

  9. ganpati

  10. Ganpati bappa morya mangal murti morya, Eak don tin char gapaticha jayjaykar,
    pach sahar sate ata ganpaticha that mat, nav dha akra bara ganpti cale bara bara, Ganpati bappa morya mangal murti morya,

  11. Real Raja on Universe.

    Bolo Ganpati Bapa Ni Jay
    Ganpati Bapa Moriya
    Many Many Vandan to Lalbaug Cha Raja, Shri Ganpati Bapa

  12. very acttrative&very nice in my life i have seen firt time is god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ganapati bappa moriya

    luv u ganesha

  14. I luv my ganesha……!


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  17. Ganpati Bapa Morya…

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