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Writer’s Block

I was enquiring my colleague a couple of days back why he had not updated his blog for quite some time, and his answer was that he was going through writer’s block phase. That left me pondering. Was that the case with me? It seemed to me that few of my recent posts were not

Just “Made Up”

Since there was some time for the train to arrive at our suburban station, three of us were squandering our time on political and social debate. The arguments drifted from one point to another, including, our local politics or the state of the government affairs(We the people of India, have a say in everything. Doesn’t

Tendulkar’s Twitter Fan Base

The appearance of the real Sachin Tendulkar on the microblogging site twitter, has delighted his fans in India and world alike. People login quite often, to check out the little master’s status and follow him through his life. And the master blaster, thought infrequent on twitter, he logs in and responds to few of his fans once

A Gloomy Day for Indian Skies

It was one of the worst days for Indian aviation. The news of the Mangalore plane crash left us all shocked at the office. I wouldn’t like to give hyperlink to the details of this news, cause you might have heard/seen it on media. But as I reached home in the evening, I was shocked

The Summer Swim

Summer….Oh it’s so hot these days.One of the most boring period of life for office goers. The heat becomes unbearable even in India, and people take this opportunity to cool off at hill stations around my country. That being said about grownups, summer is the time most of the school kids wait eagerly for. It brings

“Made” in China

One of the experiences that every sea fearer has during his sea life is, being duped at some foreign port. No one has been spared of it, some for a small amount, some to a large extent. But a sea fearer always forgets the loss, comparing it with the very high salary he earns, and

Catch 22

Many of you might have read the novel Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, which revolves around a character named Yossarian who finds himself stuck on to a battlefield without relief. And his every attempt towards his disengagement from his assignment leads to a catch 22 situation and a failed attempt. Catch 22 is a situation where in

Directorial Debut!!

I am thrilled to announce the directorial debut of my friend, Savin Tuscano. His film Vroom, The Adventures Of Smarty, The Magical Car, is set to release tomorrow, 14th May 2010. Am looking forward to viewing it soon. And I wish him the best wishes for success in his venture…… …..Good going Savin.

Its a Small World

I remember this from a few years back. June 2007 to be precise. I had flown to Cairo to join the ship which was supposed to cross Suez Canal in a couple of days. Since the ship was to arrive at the canal in a few days I was put up at the Grand Albatros

The Joys of Being a Villager

Whats the price at which city dwellers are eating mangoes? 500 rs a dozen? May be more. We have them for free. Just look at the quantities that were produced by just one tree this season at my home.